Like a cool breeze enhances your sunbathing, our FAQs gives you more information on Ledge Lounger’s® products. If you don’t see your question below, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you.

  • How deep should my ledge be to use Ledge Lounger’s furniture?
    • The ideal depth for our Chaise up to 9 inches of water. In depths that exceed 9 inches, the foot of the Chaise will become buoyant.

      Our Table is designed for up to 10 inches of water. Once the water reaches above 12 inches, the Table will become buoyant.

      Our Chaise Deep is designed for up to 15 inches of water, while the Chair is designed for up to 9 inches. Once water levels surpass those suggested levels, the products will float.

  • Do I need to remove my Ledge Lounger furniture from the pool after use?
    • No, our products are specially made to stay in the water. Our Chaise and Table are rated UV8, meaning they can withstand up to 8,000 hours of direct, overhead sunlight of 90 degrees or more. After 8,000 hours of 90 degrees sunlight, the colors could begin to fade. Depending on your location, the color should not fade for 3 to 14 years.
  • Will Ledge Lounger’s products fade?
    • All of our products are designed to be in and around water. We developed them to withstand the chemicals and UV rays of the harsh pool environment. Our Chaise and Table are rated UV8, meaning they can withstand up to 8,000 hours of direct, overhead sunlight of 90 degrees or more. After 8,000 hours of 90 degrees sunlight, the colors could begin to fade. Depending on your location, the color should not fade for 3 to 14 years.
  • My furniture looks like it’s fading. What do I do?
    • Not to worry, we have found that anytime there is an imbalance in the pool water, particularly when the PH and alkalinity are high, you can sometimes get scale, which can be perceived as fading. This thin, white layer can be removed with some elbow grease and the proper cleaners. It’s more noticeable on some of the darker colors. In most cases, muriatic acid and a soft scrubber will remove the scale very easily. In more severe cases, you can purchase a product called BioDex 300 Tile Cleaner, which is only available at pool supply stores. Please make sure to use extreme care and caution when handling these chemicals. Wear the proper gloves and masks, and keep them away from children.
  • How often should I clean my Ledge Lounger furniture?
    • Our products stay as clean as your pool does, so if you regularly clean your pool, your furniture will remain intact.
  • How do I clean my Ledge Lounger products?
    • You can wipe the material with a soft brush and cloth, using only water. If there is a large amount of dirt, you can use a household cleaner. We recommend CLR Calcium, Lime and Rust remover. Please see our care guide for more details.
  • How much does my Ledge Lounger furniture weigh?
    • Weights vary, depending on whether your furniture is empty or filled with water.


      • Empty: 29-34 lbs.
      • Filled: 144 lbs.

      Chaise Deep

      • Empty: 51 lbs.
      • Filled: 264 lbs.


      • Empty: 33 lbs.
      • Filled: 133 lbs.


      • Empty: 12 lbs.
      • Filled: 78 lbs.


      • Empty: 120 lbs.
      • Filled: 1,142 lbs.
  • Can I place Ledge Lounger’s furniture on my deck?
    • You can certainly use your furniture on the deck, but you need to follow the same installation instructions as if they would go in the water.
  • Is there a weight limit for the Chaise?
    • We have found in our studies that our Chaise can hold up to 300 plus pounds.
  • I don’t have a hole in my ledge for an umbrella. What can I do?
    • Our Table is an easy solution. We specifically designed the Table to hold the weight of an umbrella to eliminate the need of a permanent hole in your ledge. Not to mention, you’ll have the flexibility to move your table and umbrella wherever you want.
  • How do I become a distributer?
    • You can contact us here.
  • Where can I find Ledge Lounger’s products?
    • Find a showroom closest to you here.
  • Is Ledge Lounger’s furniture safe for vinyl liners?
    • All of our products are safe for all pool surfaces, including vinyl liners. There are not any sharp edges or corners that will tear or damage the liner in any way. Be careful dragging your furniture on the deck, though, because the scuffs in the plastic can become sharp if you aren’t cautious.
  • Will Ledge Lounger’s furniture work in my saltwater pool?
    • All of our pieces are designed to be in and around your pool water without any harm, especially against salt and pool chemicals. The material we use to make our products has been used and tested in the industry for decades. Salt water is corrosive to metal and many natural stones, and our product is the only on the market that can withstand the harshest environments.
  • Will the water inside Ledge Lounger’s furniture get filthy?
    • Our Chaise and Table are rated UV8, so UV rays won’t penetrate to the inside of them, which would cause the water to get stagnate and filthy. Algae and water organisms can’t live without oxygen and light, so as long as the water put into the piece was properly balanced and chlorinated, the water will stay clean. We do recommend you drain the furniture and refill it with fresh water about two times a year.
  • How often should I drain the water from Ledge Lounger’s furniture?
    • You should drain the water from your Chaise and Table twice a year. If you’re with a multi-family housing management company, hotel or resort, you should drain each product once a week.
  • How do you drain the water from Ledge Lounger’s furniture?
    • Draining the products is a cinch. Pull the plugs if you have them installed, and prop the piece halfway out of the pool and the coping. In a few short minutes, the piece will be completely drained.
  • How do I make a bulk order for my multi-family housing company, hotel or resort?
  • Do you offer a warranty on your products?
    • We offer a two-year warranty on our products. Learn more here.
  • What do I do with my Ledge Lounger products for winter weather?
    • When winterizing your pool, or if the temperatures are going to drop below freezing, we recommend performing the following steps:
      • Drain your Ledge Lounger product(s) completely, and remove from the pool.
      • Once completely empty, store your Loungers inside, or safely away from strong winds and inclement weather. If storing outside, cover product(s) with an industrial-grade plastic bag, or equivalent.
  • What are additional cleaning techniques?
    • Occasionally, a deep cleaning of your Ledge Lounger product is necessary. Frequent usage, and even incorrect balances of pH and alkalinity, can cause scale and other residues (sunscreen, lotion, etc.) to adhere to the Ledge Lounger resin material and provide an undesirable appearance.

      If CLR and a soft scrubbing pad have been used and subsequently unsuccessful in cleaning the Ledge Lounger product, we recommend Bio-Dex 300 Swimming Pool Tile Cleaner. It can be purchased at most pool supply stores as well as Amazon.

      In the event, Bio-Dex 300 is required, perform the following steps:

      • Remove your Ledge Lounger product(s) from the pool and drain appropriately.
      • In a ventilated area, and utilizing proper PPE, apply Bio-Dex 300 to a soft scrubbing pad and scrub affected areas in a circular motion. Apply pressure and continued application of cleaner until desired results are achieved.
      • Once cleaned, rinse your Ledge Lounger product with clean water, and dry appropriately.

      WARNING: Please follow all precautionary chemical labels. Bio-Dex is a harsh chemical and the utmost care and protection is advised. Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is required. PPE can include, but is not limited to, heavy-duty rubber gloves and safety glasses.