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How To Make Your Backyard Look Like a Jungle

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Want to own a backyard jungle? We have the backyard design tips to make a journey into your own jungle paradise happen without any plane tickets.

Getting to visit an exotic location is so exhilarating. Whether you’re trekking through the Impenetrable Forest of Uganda or taking in the breathtaking sights of Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest, nothing satisfies that desire for a thrilling adventure as much as being surrounded by 

lush green foliage and bright colors.

What if you didn’t have to journey across the world to find yourself immersed in this magical moment created by the jungle atmosphere? What if your own backyard could be the jungle paradise that you escape to?
It can be. Follow allow for inspirational backyard design ideas in this guide to transforming your outdoor space into a tropical paradise.

Create a Jungle Paradise in Your Own Outdoor Space

You really don’t have to travel far to enjoy nature’s healing embrace. You can add it into your everyday life by turning your backyard into a jungle.


Ready to learn how to turn your backyard into a jungle? Follow along. Next thing you know, opening the back door will mean stepping

into the serenity of a tropical paradise. 

Tropical foliage for your pool.

Go Big on the Foliage in Your Jungle Backyard, Focusing on Tropical Types

While your backyard may never overflow with as much plentiful plant life as that found in a wild jungle, a bit of gardening can allow the appeal of your outdoor space to grow. 


Create your tropical paradise by sticking to tropical plants when growing the garden. Check out these suggestions:

Carve Out Space for the Crucial Element of Water

Jungles always have some element of water, whether that’s the river winding through the middle, a swampy area, or the accumulation of a rainforest’s near-constant downpour. What would a backyard jungle be without its own water feature?


Water refreshes on hot days and, used as part of yard design, makes 

for a more dynamic decoration. 


Making a splash into a pool full of jungle vibes certainly has its appeal. On the smaller scale, you can also put out a bubbler fountain or rock waterfall.

Tropical Pool environment at night with Ledge Lounger chaise deeps.
Two women relaxing on Ledge Lounger Bold Jungle Laze Pillows in a pool

Incorporate Jungle Vibes Into Your Backyard Decor Choices

Making your backyard look like a jungle will happen in all the design choices

you make, big and small. Even the tiniest details can fit perfectly into your jungle paradise aesthetic if chosen carefully enough.


Maximize the jungle vibes by decorating with rocks, tiki torches, and other

finishing touches that can seal the jungle look.


Don’t leave your choice of furniture fabric out of the plan either! Options like

the Bold Jungle pattern of our Laze Pillows can be the perfect fit for
a backyard jungle.


Journey Into the Jungle Without Leaving Your Home With Your Own Jungle Backyard

As you can see, there’s no need to exhaust yourself with the planning and undertaking of a full jungle expedition. Put some work into 

your backyard design and escape into your own private paradise – no traveling required. 

We hope these backyard style tips were able to help you make your yard look like the jungle of your dreams. For more outdoor living inspiration, sign up for the Ledge email newsletter. You’ll also get all the earliest news about everything we at Ledge are offering!


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