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Woman sweating as she takes a break from exercising outside in the heat

Top 5 Heat Safety Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Outdoor Space When the Fun Is Heating Up

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A little sunshine should always be happily welcomed. On sunny days, the outdoors warmly welcomes you. You can get into your backyard to play games, swim a few laps, or just lay out and relax. These outdoor activities are all fun, but to really enjoy them, you need to ensure you’re staying safe while out in the summer heat. Beat the heat without sacrificing any fun times with these top 5 heat safety tips. 

1. Know the Warning Signs Before Heading Out

We never want our time outside to be anything but fun in the sun. Particularly in the summer though, we need to watch out for signs that someone is getting too hot. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can be pretty serious outcomes if we’re not careful. At the first signs of a problem, seek treatment to make sure things don’t progress.

Getting too hot can cause some pretty unenjoyable symptoms. Fortunately, these safety tips to avoid heat exhaustion can help you continue to have a great time outside.

2. Be Smart About Scheduling Your Outdoor Time

Man beating the mid-day heat by running on a trail in the morning
Two adirondack chairs in the backyard in the evening hours
Certain parts of the day are hotter than others. Avoiding the mid-day heat with morning or evening outside time is a great way to get out without overheating. Those hottest hours of the day are usually between 10am and 4pm, so try to schedule your activities outside of this period. This may mean waking up a little bit earlier in the summer months to get out to the park while it’s still quite cool. You may also enjoy spending time outside much more if it’s during the evening hours. Head out after dinner for a walk around the neighborhood or a chill chat in the backyard.

3. Scale Back Strenuous Activity During Hot Days

Even during the cooler parts of the day, you can’t expect as much from your body. While you normally may run a mile every day or frequently play high-energy sports like basketball or soccer, lighter forms of exercise are ideal for the heat.

You can absolutely still move your body. To stay safe in hot weather, you may simply have to change up your routine. Instead of putting your all into getting those steps in, replace walks or runs with bike rides. The cool breeze you get on a bike can help to beat the heat. Instead of sweating through sport games, you could spend your time in the backyard inside the swimming pool. Pool time and other water activities are an excellent way to cool down while enjoying the outdoors. 

Woman playing ping pong in the backyard
Group of people playing volleyball in the backyard swimming pool to stay cool

4. Plan Outdoor Activities Around Water

There’s a reason swimming is a big part of summer schedules. Water can quickly cool our bodies down, often better than fans can. If you have a swimming pool in the backyard, this is the perfect time to dive in for a swim.

Don’t have a pool around? Practice heat safety with fun water games using water guns, water balloons, or nothing more than buckets and the garden hose. Playing with water will not only make the day so much fun, but it will also help you to beat the heat. 

5. Stay Hydrated With Refreshing Beverages

Of course, you’ll also want to remember to drink plenty of water as well. When going out in hot weather, keeping hydrated is one of the most important safety tips to follow. Water is one of the best options, but many other summer drinks can hydrate you as well.

While it is best to avoid drinking alcohol or anything too sugary or caffeinated during extreme heat, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a refreshing treat. Consider swapping out your glass of water for coconut water or a sports drink and fill up on electrolytes while you’re quenching your thirst. 

Man drinking refreshing drink to hydrated while working out in the heat

Enjoy Soaking Up the Sun Safely

If you take proper care of yourself while out in the heat, you should be able to fully enjoy your backyard even on the hottest days. Don’t let the heat stop you from making memories outside. Use these heat safety tips to get out there and celebrate the warm, sunny weather!

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