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Backyard with Ledge Lounger Chaises in the Pool.

What to Expect From Start to Finish of an Outdoor Living Space Project

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Turning a house into a home is not, by any means, limited to the indoors. Planning your outdoor space, you may see a million and one opportunities for improving your outdoor life. You might make an outdoor living space project out of adding a pool, designing a dining area, or even transforming the entire backyard into a jungle paradise.

Yet when it comes to implementing one of these ideas, things can all seem so overwhelming. Where do you even start when designing a backyard?

Don’t be intimidated by the very thought of creating an outdoor space that you love. Once broken down into basic stages, you’ll see that your dream backyard is within reach.

Stage 1: Discover Your Dream Backyard

Maybe you aren’t even sure what your dream backyard is. If you don’t have a vision in mind, this is where you’ll need to start. It’s pretty difficult to make progress if you don’t have an end goal that you’re aiming for.

Put up your goal posts by working those creative muscles. As you begin, toss out all hesitations and reservations. You can worry about how to execute the ideas later. Right now, the yard is your blank canvas and you’re free to paint it however you want.

Picture yourself enjoying your dream backyard. What do you see yourself doing? Who is with you? What makes you most happy in this envisioned scenario?

Knowing whether you see yourself splashing around with the family in the pool, lounging and relaxing with a book, or engaging in activities such as cooking or gardening will help determine the steps you need to take to create this outdoor life.
Dream Backyard with Ledge Lounger chaises and barstools in the pool and patio furniture for an outdoor living space
Ledge Loungers Design Services Layout Planning

Stage 2: Plan It Out

This is the point in planning an outdoor living space to bring that dream into the realm of reality. Study your space and consider all the elements that you will have to account for. How much space do you have to work with? What is the climate like? Are there any trees or other permanent features that you will need to incorporate into the final design?

Once you order your items, your options may be limited if pieces don’t fi

or simply don’t work with your space. Make sure to double check measurements before locking down on a layout or placing any orders.

A solid plan made ahead of time allows you to avoid bigger issues later down the line as you build your outdoor living space.

Stage 3: Realize the Final Results

Your well-executed plan should leave you with a worry-free completion of the project.  Items ordered will fit well into your chosen layout. And the final finishing touches you decide on will bring the entire design of the outdoor living space together.

What do you plan to do first in your new backyard? Will you throw a big backyard bash to celebrate or have a quiet day to relax in the sun with the natural soundtrack of chirping birds? This is your yard and you get to enjoy 

it the way you choose.

Backyard with Ledge Lounger Chaises in the Pool.

Let’s Make This Outdoor Design Project Happen

You now know how to tackle your outdoor living space project.  So, what are you waiting for?

Start dreaming up that future backyard – it can soon be your reality. If you need any help with outdoor space planning, take advantage of our free professional design services. With an expert in outdoor design planning as your guide, this project will be a breeze. Get in touch and let us know how we can help!

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