Signature Sectional 10 Piece L-Shape

$11,294.86 - $12,080.86


Maximize the comfort for everyone with the Mainstay 10 Piece L-Shape Sectional

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Signature Sectional 10 Piece L-Shape

The 10 Piece L-Shape arrangement includes:

  • 3 Corners
  • 4 Middles
  • 3 Endcaps
  • Designed for up to 10 inches of water, or on deck 
  • Perfect for residential or commercial use 
  • Built to withstand the sun, weather, and chemicals of any pool or outdoor environment 
  • Compatible with all pool types, including vinyl
  • Two-piece base crafted of a high-quality, UV16 rated resin
  • Two-piece cushion made of marine-grade outdoor fabric and EZ-Dri foam core
  • Easy application via threaded plug system

Product Details


Products shall be free from material defects, and shall not splinter, crack, chip, peel, or rot for two (2) years from the date of purchase for both commercial and residential use.

Marine-grade solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are warranted against light fastness for a period of ten (10) years

Cleaning and Care

  • Always use a soft bristle brush or cloth when cleaning. 
  • For routine cleaning, just use water. 
  • For a deeper clean, remove from the pool and use a mild household cleaner and eraser sponge.
  • Remove calcium buildup with a calcium removal product.
  • Always use a soft terry cloth for cleaning fabric. Always wipe in small circular motions. 
  • For deep cleaning or spot cleaning fabric, use a mix of mild detergent and water along with a soft terry cloth. Always wipe in small circular motions.


Shipping Leadtime

Standard Colors Ship within 6-8 weeks
Premium Colors Ship within 7-9 weeks

Signature Collection

The Signature Sectional is unique, completely customizable and the perfect entertainment piece for your pool’s ledge or patio. Create endless configurations using versatile pieces that combine to create your ultimate relaxation station. Never worry about the pieces coming apart or the cushions sliding around due to our unique, snap-in-place interlocking system. Low maintenance and long-lasting, our Signature Sectional enhances your outdoor scene with style and functionality that you’re sure to love.