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Snowy backyard with a pool with ledge lounger needing winter storage

Your Guide to Ledge Lounger In-Pool Product Winter Storage

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Summer’s fun poolside days can’t last forever. It’s time to get ready for colder temperatures and welcome winter into your outdoor space.

So, what does winter’s arrival mean for your in-pool furniture?

Your pool products are built to handle every outdoor element, so you should be able to leave them in the pool, unless you expect to experience a freeze.

How to Remove In-Pool Furniture for a Freeze

If temperatures will be below freezing, you should take these few simple steps to ensure the safety of your pool products.

Step One: Fully Drain Water From In-Pool Furniture

Before draining, you should first lift the product up and out of the pool. This will help keep your pool water clean.

Then, remove the plugs from the bottom of your product. Access the plugs by flipping the chaise, chair, or other piece of pool furniture onto its side. Unscrew them with a large flathead screwdriver. 

Once the plugs are out, the product should quickly drain. You’ll be ready to go after just a few minutes.

Removing plugs with a screwdriver to drain a signature chaise

Step Two: Remove From the Pool

When not filled with water, Ledge pool furniture is lightweight enough to easily move around. For example, our Signature Chaise only weighs 34 lbs when empty. So, you should have no trouble lifting your empty in-pool product, taking it out of the pool environment, and placing it somewhere it can stay safe through the freeze. 

To avoid damage, be careful to not drag the furniture across the concrete, stone, or any decking. Instead, pick it up, move it, and then set it down. You can get assistance from a friend if needed.

Step Three: Store in a Safe, Dry Area

The safest place to store your pool furniture is inside, away from any strong winds and icy weather. Storage sheds or garages are ideal. 

If you need to store your product outside, you can cover it with an industrial-grade plastic bag or a large tarp. This should keep it safe from winter’s chilly conditions.

Put Back in the Pool Once the Weather Warms Up

Woman relaxing on Signature Chaise, browsing on her phone

With the proper winter storage, your Ledge pool furniture will last the freeze and you’ll be able to fully enjoy it next pool season. After the weather warms up, you can set it back up in the pool by refilling with water and positioning on the pool ledge


Then, get right back to relaxing by the pool.

Live the #LEDGELIFE All Year Long

From sunny days spent lounging on the pool ledge to chilly evenings spent fireside on adirondacks, there are so many meaningful memories to make outdoors. While you may be looking forward to the return of warmer weather, make sure to also cherish your time through the winter as well.

We want to make sure that you’re able to fully enjoy your #LEDGELIFE through every season. If you have any additional questions about caring for your Ledge product, feel free to get in touch. Our customer support team would be happy to help you with winter preparation or any other concerns you may have. Call us at 855-744-1034, use the chat feature in the bottom right, or fill out the form below if you’re not in a hurry. 

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