Dive into Luxury with the Top 5 Best Pool Seats from Ledge
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Dive into Luxury with the Top 5 Best Pool Seats from Ledge

The best pool seats whisk you away to a poolside peace. You settle into your seat, a chilled drink in hand, and the worries of the world fade away. The sun caresses your skin, a refreshing breeze sweeps through your hair, and crystal-clear water glistens in front of you. 

It may not be every day that you experience a moment like this, but it can be. Bring the same level of luxury that you enjoy while vacationing at a five-star resort into your own backyard by choosing the best pool seats for your sun shelf.
2 white Ledge Lounger Signature Chaises on pool ledge

1. The Signature Chaise

It’s pretty hard to beat an original. The Signature Chaise is the original design seen on pool ledges around the world. With a classic and timeless look, it makes a great complement to the rest of your outdoor scene. Enjoying the comfort of this in pool chaise lounge, every second will be spent in serenity.

The Signature Chaise is designed for pool ledges with a water depth of 0-9 inches. Have a deeper ledge? Consider our deep chaise lounge. It offers the same great relaxation, but in ledges as deep as 15 inches, and risers are available to accommodate ranges up to 20 inches of water depth on your ledge. If you don’t have a pool with a ledge or prefer to stay dry, the Signature Chaise Deep is also suitable for use out of the water.

Two Ledge Lounger Autograph Chaises and side table on pool ledge

2. The Autograph Chaise

This tanning ledge chaise is one of the best pool seats for those looking to take luxury to the next level.

It has a sophisticated sleek and sculptural aesthetic. It also offers plenty of lumbar support, so you can fully relax and still engage with your surroundings.

Known for recognizing design excellence across industries, the Good Design Awards were established in 1950 by Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. and design pioneers such as Charles and Ray Eames. As a Good Design Award Winner, the Autograph Chaise has proven itself as the next evolution of the poolside experience.

Enjoy the world’s most luxurious in-pool chaise on a pool ledge with a water depth of up to 12 inches or even outside of the water.

Signature Lowback Chair and Signature Chair in pool ledge

3. The Signature Chair

This chair for inside the pool lets you comfortably get your feet wet while sipping a cool and refreshing cocktail. With a timeless design, this is one of the best pool chairs you can find.

The Signature Chair is made to last out under the sun, so you can continue enjoying peaceful afternoons without seeing any fading, cracking, or deteriorating. Set it out on your pool ledge or on the deck and start getting the most out of those sunny days, sitting by the pool. For better 360 degree views and shorter statues, the Signature Lowback Chair is another great option.

Women in pool sitting on Ledge Lounger Signature Barstools

4. The Signature Barstool

Want to dive right into a good time? Bring the bar to the poolside with our underwater pool stool.

You don’t need to install it into the ground or deal with a difficult cleaning process. In fact, getting started with the Signature Barstool is as simple as tossing it into the water, watching it sink, and settling in. You can also adjust the feet to work at different floor angles. Choose between two different sizes and several color choices, grab your favorite poolside beverage, and enjoy an ideal backyard bar experience.

Group of people sitting on Signature Sectional with coffee table in center, with cityscape behind them

5. The Signature Sectional

Larger pool ledges are the perfect place for this unique seating solution. This one-of-a-kind sectional is designed specifically for the pool environment. The base is crafted from UV20 Rated Resin, ensuring its durability under the sun without fading. The cushions are made of high-quality marine-grade outdoor fabric, which is resistant to water and weather. They are also equipped with an EZ-dri foam core, allowing them to dry quickly and maintain their comfort.

The best part is that you have the freedom to customize your poolside scene by combining different pieces of the Signature Sectional. Whatever look you’re after, the versatility of this sectional allows you to bring your vision to life.

Pick the Best Pool Seats for Your Poolside Scene

If you’re looking for luxury in your own backyard, pool seats are a great place to start. These five top pool seats are excellent options, but only you can decide which is the right one for you. Start creating your own private poolside paradise with one of our quality in-pool seats.

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