Outdoor Dining Tables

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Outdoor Dining Tables Make It Possible to Gather Together for a Meal

Elevate mealtimes with an outdoor dining table on your patio. Whether hosting an al fresco dining event or playing board games with the sun on your skin, patio dining tables give you a place to host meaningful moments with your friends and family.

Our outdoor dining tables are both beautiful and sturdy. Choose between a rectangular or round table shape and select the size that fits the amount of people you are serving and the amount of space you have available.

Match your outdoor dining table with some stylish chairs to bring the entire al-fresco scene together. Once you have your dining set up outside, you'll be able to make mealtime memories that'll last.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best wood for an outdoor dining table?

A: Only the most high-end wood can last outdoors. Even then, wooden outdoor dining tables will still need a lot of maintenance to keep them protected from the weather elements. Instead, consider woodgrain resin patio dining tables for and low-maintenance and affordable option that still offers the same beautiful look of wood.

Q: Can you leave a patio table outside in the winter?

A: Our outdoor dining tables are made with moisture-resistant materials that can handle the toughest snowstorm, so there's no reason to bring them inside. Our high-quality dining furniture keeps you from needing to worry about what weather may come your way. Built to last no matter what the outdoors brings, you can enjoy your outdoor space in every season, including winter.

Q: How do I protect my outdoor dining table?

A: Our outdoor dining tables are naturally protected from the outdoor elements through their high-quality construction. Built with the most weather-resistant materials, the most additional protection that you'll need to do is a bit of light cleaning. Wash with water and a mild detergent or even use a pressure washer, as long as you stay 3 feet away and start on a low PSI.

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