Adirondack Chairs

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Adirondack Chairs

Add to Your Outdoor Experience with Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are a classic choice for calm moments in the backyard. They have a distinct look with wide arms and a sloping seat that sits close to the ground. Whatever look you're aiming to achieve in your outdoor space, our adirondack chairs will fit right in. Set them around a fire pit, build them into a beach backyard, or just set them on the patio for some peaceful afternoons.

These adirondack chairs are made to last outdoors. Even after years outside, you won't see any fading, warping, cracking, or splintering. Leave them out to enjoy whenever you want to spend some time outside. Your seat will be ready for you.

Choose from a wide range of resin color options, including bright shades as well as neutral colors and woodgrain varieties. Add some stylish adirondack chairs into your outdoor scene.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's so special about Adirondack chairs?

A: Adirondack chairs were originally designed to be durable enough for the rugged terrain of the Adirondacks. It had to be able to handle standing on a steep hill if flat, sturdy ground wasn't available. Even after years of slight design changes, a chair originally designed for its durability can be relied on when you want to relax outdoors. That's why adirondack chairs have gained so much popularity. They are comfortable, sturdy, and look great whether on the beach, at a resort, or in your own backyard.

Q: What is the difference between plastic and resin Adiorondack chaise?

A: Plastic adirondacks chairs are often cheaper and lower quality option. Our resin adirondack chairs are made of stronger stuff, so your seat will stand the test of time. Built to last, resin adirondacks can handle every weather element that they may be exposed to - from those sunny days to the harsh rain and wind of a storm.

Q: Are Adirondack chairs hard to get in and out of?

A: Adirondack chairs do sit lower to the ground than some other seating options. For this reason, some may find them hard to get in and out of. If you want a fully relaxing experience though, sink into an adirondack. They're so comfortable that you won't actually want to get out of it for quite some time.

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