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Sit and Dine Together on Outdoor Dining Chairs

Some of our best memories are made around the dining table. Create moments you'll never want to forget with your family and friends while seated on our outdoor dining chairs. Made to perfectly complement your patio table and the memories that will be made around it, our patio dining chairs are an excellent way to built out your outdoor living space.

They are comfortable, yet also durable enough to withstand the elements. Rain or shine, these outdoor dining chairs will last through the years and stay a reliable seating option every time you dine al-fresco.

Match your patio dining chairs with one of our outdoor tables to create a consistent look in your backyard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the lowest maintenance patio dining chairs?

A: Our outdoor dining chairs require very little maintenance. Constructed from high-quality resin, you can leave them outside without worrying about any weather damage. They are made to withstand all the elements without fading, warping, or splintering. When there is a mess to clean, you can also simply wash it away with water and mild detergent or even use a pressure washer, as long as you stay 3 feet away and start on a low PSI.

Q: Can you put regular furniture on a covered patio?

A: Even on a covered patio, your furniture is susceptible to the elements and won't last very long if it's not made for the outdoors. Instead of potentially damaging your indoor dining set, bring our outdoor dining chairs out to sit and enjoy a meal on your covered patio.

Q: How do you keep outdoor furniture from blowing away?

A: When there's windy weather on the way, it's important to take precautions to keep your outdoor dining chairs and other furniture from blowing away. You could use earthquake gel, wrap all your items together with a bungee cord, or simply bring the outdoor furniture inside. If you protect your outdoor furniture, it's sure to provide you with many more enjoyable outdoor memories, from al fresco dinner parties to a backyard bbq.

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