Outdoor Daybeds

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Go Big on Relaxation with an Outdoor Daybed

Larger than our chaise loungers, you can really relax when laying on an outdoor daybed. These make for an incredibly comfortable option when you want to spend an entire afternoon outdoors, just soaking up the sun.

Our daybeds are made with strong fabrics and designed to dry quickly. Use your outdoor daybed for quick naps or just to relax while taking in the fresh air. It will be there whenever you need a break, year after year.

From warm summer days under the sun to chilly movie nights, your outdoor daybed will look great in every season. Pick from a variety of fabric and resin options to design the daybed look that you love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an outdoor daybed called?

A: An outdoor bed is typically referred to as a daybed. These comfortable outdoor furniture pieces are perfect for laying out and relaxing under the sun or with some shade.

Q: Are outdoor daybeds comfortable?

A: There's nothing more comfortable than lounging on an outdoor daybed. Our sunbeds and daybeds are made with comfortable, high-quality fabrics so you can enjoy the fresh breeze and warm sunlight while resting on a soft outdoor bed.

Q: What do I look for in an outdoor daybed?

A: You'll of course want to consider size and shape. Measure the dimensions of your yard and figure out how many people you'd hope to fit on the outdoor daybed as well.

Most importantly though, make sure that you order an outdoor daybed that can stand up against the outdoor elements. If you want your time relaxing outside to last, you need an outdoor daybed that is weather resistant. Our outdoor furniture is only made with the highest-quality materials, capable of lasting through many sunny days and stormy weather as well.

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