Outdoor Side Table

Add an Outdoor Side Table to Your Patio

With an outdoor side table right next to your seat, you've got a perfect place to set down your drink or book. They also help bring together the entire outdoor space. Place them between your patio chairs, couches, or sofas to tie together your patio's look.

Set a small outdoor side table wherever you need a bit more surface space on your patio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How tall should an outdoor side table be?

The standard height for a small outdoor side table is between 15-19 inches.

You should also make sure that the height difference between your seat and your side table is only a few inches, so that you don't have to strain to set down a drink. Ideally, your side table should be between 1-3 inches lower than the armrest on your seat.

Q: What are different kinds of tables called?

A: You may also refer to your outdoor side table as an end table, a cocktail table, or an accent table. Whatever you call it, it makes an excellent addition to any outdoor space.

Q: What makes a good side table?

A: A good side table should serve as a functional and stylish part of your outdoor living space. Make sure it offers you enough space to set down your items and that it fits within the overall look you have created outside.

If a side table is outside, it also needs to be extremely durable. It should stand up not just to everyday wear and tear, but to all the elements of an outdoor environment. Our outdoor side tables are capable of handling any weather, without fading, warping, or splintering.

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