Family-Friendly Pool Furniture That's Perfect for Your New Poolside Scene
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Family-Friendly Pool Furniture That's Perfect for Your New Poolside Scene

The pool is one of the best places to create lasting memories with your family. Fill it with family-friendly pool furniture, and every splash and smile can become a cherished memory.

We’ve picked out some of our favorite pool furniture for families that you can add to your outdoor space. Pick out your favorites, customize them with your choice of colors, and set the scene for lasting family memories.

Sit and Socialize on Signature Lowback Chairs

Two adults sit with drinks on Ledge Lounger Signature Lowback Chairs and a child squirts water into the camera

Designed with both kids and adults in mind, this chair for inside the pool offers the perfect spot to sit and socialize as a family.

With its shorter back, the Lowback Chair provides a cozy and comfortable seating option for kids. And adults can enjoy it too! With plenty of lumbar support, you’ll be able to comfortably soak up the sun. Plus, the low profile of the Signature Lowback Chair ensures you have a 360-degree view of all the family fun happening around you.

Once you’ve finished installing our pool furniture on the ledge, it stays in place. There’s no need to worry about rambunctious kids accidentally tipping over their seats. There’s also no need to worry about those inevitable messes. When popsicles melt or drinks are spilled, you can easily wipe it right up and get back to the family fun.

Fill the Signature Tall Ice Bin Side Table With Cool Treats

Children and adults eat ice pops in pool, surrounding Ledge Loungers in-pool ice bin filled with ice and ice pops

No pool day is complete without cool treats! Fill up this tall ice bin table with ice, popsicles, and refreshing drinks. Then, everyone can stay cool and hydrated while having fun under the sun.

This side table is not only a source of refreshing treats but also a durable and long-lasting companion for your family fun in the pool. Made from high-quality materials, it can withstand splashes, spills, and all those sunny days.

Let the Kids Play All Day on the Signature Slide

Two children play on Ledge Lounger slide on pool ledge

Turn pool time into play time! Watch your kids’ faces light up and they rush down the slide, splashing down with a smile.  This slide is a great option for family-friendly pool furniture, helping you to make cherished memories with your children.

As a parent, keeping your kids safe around the pool is a top priority. This pool slide has been crafted with a range of safety features. The contoured sides provide an easy grip for little hands. Slip-resistant steps keep kids on their feet as they climb up the slide. And rounded edges reduce the risk of accidental injuries.

Safety doesn’t have to mean sacrificing fun! Your kids will have a blast sliding and splashing all summer long.

Enjoy Relaxation as a Family on the Laze Pillow

Two Ledge Lounger Laze pillows in a pool, each with a child and adult lounging

Sink into the luxury of a lazy day while enjoying the company of your family. This pool pillow float is the ideal choice for relaxation. Whether you choose to float peacefully in the pool or stretch out on the lawn and soak up the sun’s warm rays, you’ll be completely comfortable.

Designed with durability in mind, the Laze Pillow can withstand the rigors of playful kids and energetic pets. Even if the kids play rough or the family dog decides to join the fun, this pool float won’t pop. So, you can keep laze-ing the day away, without worrying about a single thing.

Start Creating Fun Family Moments In Your Pool

It’s time to turn your pool into a place where unforgettable family memories are made. With our selection of family-friendly pool furniture, you can create a perfect poolside scene for everyone in your family. Shop our collection of in-pool furniture and see it come to life.

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