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How Do I Open my Pool for the Season?

It’s open season. Slather on some sweat-proof sunscreen and prepare to apply a little elbow grease to get your pool ready for the sunny days ahead. Follow along for the step-by-step on opening your pool for the season. 

pool cover slowly retracting for opening season


1. Clear Off Any Debris

Whether it’s on your pool cover or in your pool – removing as much debris as possible before you restart your system will prevent clogging or overworking your equipment.  Clean out your filtration system and make sure it’s good to go before you turn it on. Skim the bottom of the pool and use a net to get out any leaves or other debris that may have accumulated over the colder months. 


2. De-winterize the Pool

Winter is long gone, but before we dive on in, we need to get the pool back up and running. Be sure to remove all winter plugs and reinstall all pool and pump equipment before turning your pump back on.


3. Inspect Furniture and Accessories

Inspect for damage to any pool equipment, accessories, or inflatables (If you’re too out of breath to think about inflating anything at this point – we get it! Our Laze Pillow lets you start lounging with your favorite cocktail directly out of the box.) Making sure any poolside umbrellas are in good working order also gives you a shady place to take a breather.


4. Knock the Dirt Off and Get It Clean

Brushing tiles and pool walls, vacuuming your pool floor, and cleaning your in-pool furniture helps restore the sparkle to your pool. All Ledge resin furniture is safe to be pressure washed.


5. Take on the Pool Chemicals Balancing Act

Test your chemical levels to determine the appropriate treatment for your water volume. Then, adjust the pH, alkalinity, calcium, and chlorine so that the pool water is in good shape just in time for the first swim of the season. 


6. Spread the Spring Cleaning Love

If you have any other outdoor furniture or accessories, remember they could use a spring cleaning too. Oiling any bamboo furniture and cleaning any cushions will keep them looking great for years to come. All of our fabrics are bleach safe.


7. Refresh and Relax

Now that you’ve got everything ready and opened your pool for the season, you can finally relax. You may have to wait a few days for the filter and newly-added chemicals to clean things up before you splash in, but you can start relaxing poolside in the meantime.


Grab a drink and lounge as you admire all of your hard work and enjoy your ultimate outdoor oasis. Something still not right? Don’t miss out on your own outdoor oasis. Shop high-quality pool furniture and live the #LEDGELIFE this summer. 



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