How Long Does Our Outdoor Furniture Last: Discover the Benefits of Resin Products
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How Long Does Our Outdoor Furniture Last: Discover the Benefits of Resin Products

Answering the question of “How long does outdoor furniture last?” can be pretty tricky. If you’re not careful enough, you could end up with furniture that deteriorates quickly and leaves you scrambling for replacements within just a few years. On the other hand, more high-quality products can last a fairly long time, especially if properly cared for.

If you want to enjoy your outdoor furniture for as long as possible, resin products are worth considering. After all, your time outside contributes to some of your most meaningful memories. So, you want the furniture you use to last.

Factors Affecting the Lifespan of Outdoor Furniture

Before diving into the advantages of resin furniture, let’s first consider the factors that can affect how long outdoor furniture lasts.

Hand with pale pink nails using blue sponge to scrub a stain on white resin

1. Material Matters

The type of material your outdoor furniture is made from plays a significant role. Generally, resin furniture tends to outlast plastic, wood, or wicker due to its durability, making it a go-to if you want to enjoy your outdoor furniture for years to come.

2. Regular Maintenance

Outdoor furniture occasionally appreciates a little TLC. Cleaning, sealing, staining, or painting can help protect it from wear and tear. For example, wooden furniture and metal may need refinishing every few years.

3. Quality Quotient

You often get what you pay for. Quality-built furniture with durable materials and craftsmanship typically lasts longer than budget-friendly options.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Materials

Outdoor furniture comes in various materials, each with its own pros and cons. These materials include wood, metal, wicker, plastic, and, of course, resin. By grasping these distinctions, you’ll be well-equipped to make a wise and informed decision.

Wood Outdoor Furniture

Corner of wooden coffee table and wooden chair with cushion


  • Natural Elegance: Wood gives your backyard space a warm, inviting look – as if Mother Nature personally styled it. 
  • Sturdy and Reliable: It can stick around for years if painted and protected correctly.
  • Customizability: Do you like switching up the color? No problem. You can easily customize wood by painting or staining it to complement your unique style perfectly.



  • Maintenance Required: Wood demands some TLC, like sealing and refinishing, to stay in tip-top shape.
  • Durability: Wood furniture can rot and is prone to pest infestation.
  • Heavy Haul: Be prepared to put in some muscle when rearranging your setup.

Metal Outdoor Furniture

Two black metal chairs with brown arms on grass


  • Low-Maintenance BFF: A quick wipe-down is usually enough to keep your metal pieces looking spiffy.
  • Modern Chic: It often comes in sleek, contemporary designs that can give your space a trendy vibe.
  • Eco-Friendly: Metal furniture is often recyclable, making it a more sustainable choice.



  • Heat and Cold Woes: Metal can be a little unforgiving when it gets hot in the sun or chilly in colder weather.
  • Rust Risk: Metal furniture can develop a rust problem over the years.
  • Not So Comfy: You should add cushions, as metal chairs aren’t as comfortable as other options.

Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Wicker sectional with wicker coffee table in front of it, on a deck


  • Timeless Charm: Wicker has a classic, cozy vibe that can spruce up your outdoor space.
  • Light as a Feather: Moving wicker furniture around is a breeze, allowing you to change things.
  • Comfort Plus: Wicker pieces are often comfy as-is, and especially so when you toss on some cushions and pillows.



  • Delicate Darling: Natural wicker isn’t the best at handling extreme weather, so it’s better suited for covered areas.
  • Maintenance Alert: Wicker needs regular cleaning, and you might have to do some repairs now and then.

Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Back of yellow plastic chairs with cutouts that reveal throw pillows


  • Budget Bliss: Plastic furniture is usually kind to your wallet.
  • Featherweight: Super easy to move and stow away.
  • Variety Galore: Comes in various styles and colors to suit your fancy.



  • Not Forever Furniture: It might not last as long as resin and it can crack, warp, or fade over time.
  • Aesthetic Matters: Plastic may not give you that same “wow” factor as wood, wicker, or long-lasting resin.

Resin Outdoor Furniture

Two blue Ledge Loungers Mainstay Adirondack Rockers on brick patio


  • Built Tough: Resin is like the superhero’s sidekick, durable and resistant to the elements, with minimal maintenance required, which can last for a long time and be a witness to your happy moments.
  • Style Options: You’ll find various styles and colors to match your outdoor aesthetic.
  • Easy Cleaning: It is easy to clean, and you don’t need to put a lot of time and energy into maintenance to keep it looking good.



  • Heft Alert: Resin furniture can be a bit heavier than plastic, so keep that in mind when rearranging.
  • Cushion Consideration: While comfortable enough without them, you might want to invest in seat cushions for that extra cozy factor.

Weather Conditions and Outdoor Furniture

The lifespan of your outdoor furniture is greatly influenced by the weather conditions it faces. Sun, rain, snow, extreme temperatures, and even salty sea air can take their toll on materials. Consider the elements in your region when choosing materials and placement. Resin furniture in particular excels in these challenging environments.

Dining table with umbrella pole and four dining chairs on patio

Maximizing Your Outdoor Furniture Lifespan

Regardless of the material, proper maintenance can significantly extend the life of your outdoor furniture. Regular cleaning, storage during harsh seasons, and protective covers, if needed, are all strategies to consider.

What Are the Benefits of Resin Furniture?

Let’s focus on resin furniture and why it deserves the spotlight.

Back of Lounge Ledger loveseat with cushions and throw pillows

1. How Long Does Resin Outdoor Furniture Last?

The lifespan of outdoor furniture largely depends on the material used, and resin furniture boasts an impressive track record. Resin furniture can last for many years, often outlasting other materials like wood and plastic.

2. Resin Furniture Is Ready For All Weather Elements

One of the critical advantages of resin furniture is its remarkable resilience in the face of harsh weather conditions. Whether it’s relentless rain, scorching sun exposure, or extreme temperatures, resin furniture remains unfazed.

Our furniture is made with UV20-rated resin to endure a whopping 20,000 hours of direct sunlight without losing its vibrant colors, ensuring you’ll have over a decade of unforgettable moments with your furniture looking picture-perfect.

3. Resin Furniture Is Low Maintenance

Unlike other materials that demand regular upkeep, resin furniture is virtually maintenance-free. There is no need for staining, sealing, or extensive cleaning – a simple wipe-down now and then will keep it looking as good as new.

Enhancing Your Outdoor Space with Resin Products

Now that we’ve sung the praises of resin furniture, you might be wondering how to incorporate it into your outdoor space. Resin outdoor seatingoutdoor diningchaise lounges, and even outdoor storage solutions are readily available, with various colors giving your outdoor space a breathtaking aesthetic like no other furniture can provide.

Need some help bringing it to life? Get in touch about our free design services.

The Enduring Appeal of Resin Outdoor Furniture

Resin outdoor furniture is the unsung hero of your patio, pool, or backyard. With its impressive longevity, weather resistance, and minimal maintenance requirements, it’s no wonder that resin products are gaining popularity among homeowners.

By opting for resin products, you invest wisely in your outdoor space and ensure you’ll enjoy many years of outdoor relaxation and entertainment. So, choose resin and make your outdoor living space a long-lasting oasis of comfort and style.

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