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How to Install Your Ledge Lounger Furniture

It’s a very exciting day when your Ledge in-pool furniture order arrives in your outdoor space. This is the start of your #LEDGELIFE!


Certainly, amid the excitement, you might have a handful of inquiries: How do I install my pool furniture on the ledge? Is assembly necessary? Does it require water filling? How do I fill it with water, anyway?


Thankfully, we’re here to provide you with step-by-step guidance and address all your Ledge Lounger installation questions. Rest assured, unwinding in sheer comfort is just a step away!


Simply follow along with these instructions to get started setting up your new product:


A homeowner unpacking a Ledge Lounger Signature Chaise from its packaging.


1. Unpack and Inspect


Before setting up, take a moment to unbox your new ledge lounger pool chairs. Check for any damage during transportation and ensure that everything is in perfect condition – you want your setup to be flawless. If you encounter any issues from cracks, scratches, or other imperfections please contact our customer service at customerservice@ledgeloungers.com as soon as possible.


Removing the plug from the back of a Signature Chaise is a breeze with the right tools.


2. Fill Your Ledge Lounger Product With Water


Fill your furniture with water by taking out the plugs, immersing it in the pool until all bubbles vanish, and then reinserting the plugs to seal the water. It’s a straightforward process.


Do not:


– Place inside the pool empty.


– Fill with anything other than water (sand is not a recommended option for filling your product.)


– Use your water hose to fill up. 


Backyard pool water.


Fill Only With Pool Water


Ledge products are designed to be filled with pool water. Pool water’s unique composition prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and algae inside the chaise. Filling it with water from sources like a garden hose could result in the resin expanding and warping. In other words, using a hose can exert pressure inside the chair’s cavity, potentially leading to swelling or warping, much like how inflating a balloon causes it to expand. Proper installation will ensure your product works as it should.


For further queries about filling your product or installation instructions, consult the included guide that comes with your new item.


A pool owner positioning her Signature Chaise on the pool tanning ledge.


3. Position on the Tanning Ledge


After filling it with water, place the Ledge Lounger product where you want it on the ledge. Consider factors like the angle of the sun, the view from the pool, and how you’d like your poolside setup to flow. Positioning is key!


Within the pool setting, Ledge pool furniture is lightweight, making it manageable for one or two individuals to move. No need for professional help – just place it wherever you fancy on the ledge.


With a bit of care, you can effortlessly get it into the ideal spot on the pool’s tanning ledge.


A pair of in pool chaise loungers on the tanning ledge with a pair of grey headrest pillows.


4. Add Personal Touches


Turn your poolside setup into your oasis with a few thoughtful touches. Consider adding comfy cushions, curated throw pillows, or even a vibrant umbrella. These small additions can take your lounging experience to the next level.


Different Types of Ledge Furniture


Here are some types of in-pool furniture that can transform your pool area into a haven of comfort and relaxation. Install these loungers, chairs, and tables using the previously-provided instructions, and then add on any accessories.


Ledge Loungers


Lounge in luxury with an in-pool chaise – the epitome of comfort and relaxation. These specially designed loungers fit snugly on the ledge of your pool, allowing you to enjoy complete comfort. Imagine soaking up the sun’s rays as you recline in style with the soothing water at your fingertips.


A backyard pool's tanning ledge fully set up with in pool chaises, chairs, side tables, and an umbrella.


Ledge Chairs


In-pool chairs are a fantastic option for those who prefer a more upright seating position. These chairs provide a comfortable and ergonomic place to sit on the ledge, allowing you to enjoy the water while maintaining a relaxed posture. Whether engaging in a conversation or simply admiring the view, ledge chairs offer a cozy spot by the pool.


A pair of girl friends enjoying their in pool chairs while chatting over drinks.


Ledge Tables


Complete your poolside setup with in-pool tables – the perfect loungers or chairs companion. Ledge tables offer a convenient surface to place your drinks, snacks, or even a book as you unwind by the pool. With these tables at arm’s reach, you won’t have to worry about getting out of the water to grab your essentials.


Ledge Umbrellas


Sun protection is paramount, especially during those scorching summer days. Pool umbrellas provide shade and shield you from the sun’s rays while you enjoy your poolside oasis. These umbrellas are designed to fit securely on the ledge, ensuring you stay relaxed and comfortable without sacrificing your view.


When It’s Time to Adjust Placement or Drain Your Product:


Fortunately, products do not need to be removed outside of rare circumstances. In most cases, your in-pool furniture can safely remain in place on the ledge for cleaning and through any weather conditions, with the exception of a freeze. When it does time come to take your products out of the pool, simply follow these steps:


1. Drain Water From In-Pool Furniture


Before beginning the draining process, lifting the product out of the pool is advisable. Next, locate and remove the plugs on your pool furniture’s underside. Access these plugs by tilting the chaise, chair, or any other in-pool furniture piece to its side and unscrewing them using a large flathead screwdriver.


Once the plugs are removed, the product should drain rapidly, and you’ll be ready to proceed in just a few minutes. Ensure to drain outside the pool so your pool water will remain nice and clean.


Draining your in pool furniture of water for storage is a breeze with the right tools!


2. Remove From the Pool


When empty, Ledge pool furniture is sufficiently lightweight to be effortlessly carried by only one or two people. To prevent any harm, exercise caution to avoid sliding the furniture across concrete, stone surfaces, or any decking. Instead, lift it and gently place it down.


A homeowner carefully removing his in pool furniture for the winter.


3. Store in a Safe Place


The most secure spot for storing pool furniture is indoors, far from harsh winds and freezing weather. Storage sheds or garages serve as excellent options. If you must store your product outdoors, consider covering it with an industrial-grade plastic bag or a sizable tarp. This will protect against the frigid conditions of winter.


How to Maintain Your Ledge Lounger


To keep your new setup looking fresh, remember these maintenance tips:


  • After every swim, rinse your furniture to remove pool chemicals and salt.
  • During winter or an instance of a freeze, it’s a good idea to take your furniture out beforehand.
  • Regularly inspect your Ledge Lounger pool chairs to ensure that they are always in a perfect condition.


Start Living the #LEDGELIFE With Your Newly-Installed Pool Furniture


As you can see, setting up your pool furniture is a relatively simple process. After just a short time, you’ll have your Ledge Lounger product filled with water, placed on the ledge, and ready for your new #LEDGELIFE to start.


If you have any further inquiries regarding the installation of your in-pool furniture from Ledge, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our dedicated customer support team is readily available to assist and answer your questions.




Frequently Asked Installation Questions


What do you fill Ledge Lounger products with?


Ledge products are designed to be filled with pool water, not sand, water from the hose, or any other substance. Proper installation will ensure your product works as it should.


What is a Ledge Lounger?


This in-water furniture is created from sturdy, durable UV-resistant material. It works perfectly within your Baja shelf or tanning ledge’s depth, allowing you to relax in pool water, in style. We are the creators of the original in-pool chaise, the Signature Chaise. Our journey with this groundbreaking creation started more than a decade ago, and it has continued to serve as a comfortable and stylish seating option on pool ledges ever since.


What is the purpose of an in-pool lounge chair?


A lounge chair will allow you to have a relaxed seating on the pool ledge. You can lay back and soak up the sun while still submerged in the water.

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