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Is a Resin Adirondack Better than a Wooden Adirondack?

Does the idea of an Adirondack conjure the image of a cozy well-weathered piece of wooden furniture? If so, you may be wondering what the benefits are of choosing a resin Adirondack vs. a wooden Adirondack.


We’ve updated the classic Adirondack chair with a sleek silhouette that’s made to last. Just like our popular in pool loungers, these chairs are made of resin. Keep reading to discover all the reasons opting for our Adirondacks made of resin, instead of wood, will mean more lounging in your life.


Friends hanging out around a fire on adirondack chairs


Let's Get Technical

High Density Polyethylene (aka HDPE) is the technical name of the resin that is used to craft our outdoor furniture. This highly durable material is fade-resistant for more than 20,000 hours of direct overhead sunlight. This superior weather resistance means you can enjoy years of regular use with minimal maintenance. You will also not have to worry about color loss or experiencing warping or splintering, a common pain point of wooden outdoor furniture.


Is Resin Sustainable?

We take pride in the knowledge that using the highest quality of resin ensures that the products we offer will stay in your backyard and out of landfills for decades. As an added bonus, our materials are recyclable. If the day ever comes to part with your Adirondack, you can do so in an environmentally friendly way. Sustainability is just one more benefit of a resin Adirondack.


The Delight is in the Details


Close up on armrest of adirondack chair


With the goal of creativity and industry innovation, our Adirondacks are designed to have a seamless, high-end look. We are adamant about strategically hiding the hardware on our outdoor pieces while maintaining a high level of durability. This tiny detail makes a huge visual impact. Go ahead and try to unsee all the screws and bolts in the run-of-the-mill wood or plastic Adirondack chair.


Thoughtful design means that our outdoor furniture is constructed in a manner to reduce the hardware needed while remaining sturdy enough to withstand 300 pounds. Our Adirondack chairs and Adirondack rockers require 6 stainless steel screws (at most) for assembly.


Couple hanging out on red adirondack chairs

Variety is the Spice of Life


The name Ledge Lounger may be synonymous with in-pool furniture, but we craft outdoor furniture for making meaningful memories outside of the pool too. We offer several styles of the classic Adirondack with our signature sophistication. Our Legacy Adirondack is a call to traditional charm while our Mainstay Adirondack injects modern sensibilities to any outdoor space.


Both are available in 15 color options. Unlike wood furniture which relies on paint or stain to provide color variety and weather protection, each individual piece of HDPE is a solid color selection all the way through, so our outdoor furniture won’t fade or peel, and even if it gets scratched, the color and weather resistance will remain intact. Our woodgrain resins also have a visible grain from every angle allowing you to enjoy the look of a wooden Adirondack with the long-lasting durability of Ledge Lounger resin.


That was a lot of information for furniture shopping. There are just so many benefits to resin Adirondacks! But don’t sweat it – there won’t be a quiz. Instead, give yourself the gift of afternoons spent relaxing on an Adirondack.


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