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Rules of Washers Game: Have Fun Outside With This Classic Lawn Game

Are you searching for a great backyard game that promises loads of fun? Whether you are planning a backyard barbecue or want to soak up some outdoor excitement with your loved ones, washers has what you need. But before you jump right in and get the game going, it’s crucial to grasp the rules of washers, so you can get started the right way.


Washers has been a beloved outdoor pastime for generations. It’s a straightforward yet captivating game that people of all ages can relish. Combining strategy, skill, and a hint of luck makes it an outstanding pick for outdoor leisure and fun.


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, this comprehensive guide will ensure you have all the knowledge and skills to enjoy hours of competitive fun with washers. So, let’s dive in and discover everything you need to know about how to play washers.


How Is Washers Played?


Now, let’s roll up our sleeves and get into the nitty-gritty of how to play washers.


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Equipment Needed For This Yard Game


Before you start tossing washers, you’ll need some essential equipment:


Washer Boards: Historically, these are wooden boards. But if you want more sturdy equipment, opt for our high-quality polyethylene resin boards, which can withstand any outdoor environment without splintering, swelling, fading, or warping. See our full selection of washer boards with many color options to choose from.


Washers: With our products, you can get eight washers, four of each color.


Setting up the Playing Area


Here’s the setup scoop: You’ll want to locate a nice, level area and then set up those two washer targets about 20 feet apart, roughly seven paces. Feel free to tweak that distance to suit your skills and how fast you want the game to roll.


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How Is Washers Scored?


The game’s objective is to toss washers into the hole or onto the board to score points. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the scoring and rules of the washers game:


When following the official three-hole washer board rules, you earn one point for successfully tossing a washer into the hole closest to the front of the board, three points for a precise aim into the center hole, and a significant five points for landing your washer in the last hole on the board.


The game concludes when a player or team accumulates 21 points. Scoring can be traditional or cancellation, where only one player or team scores each round.


Cancelation Scoring: At the end of each round, we do a little math. The points earned by each team get matched up, and only one team walks away with points for that round. For instance, if Team Blue racks up six points while Team Red manages four, Blue would get two points to carry forward and Red would get none.


Traditional Scoring: During this game, if you land a washer in the hole, you get points, and your opponent can also score points in the same round. There’s no “cancellation” of scores. If you both make good shots, you both earn points.


Tips and Techniques for Mastering Washers


It’s time to up your skills and better understand the rules of washers game and become the neighborhood toss champ. We’re about to dish out some insider tips and techniques that will have you tossing washers like a seasoned pro in no time.


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Proper Throwing Technique


While the washers outdoor game may seem straightforward, mastering the art of throwing washers with precision takes practice. Here are some tips to improve your throwing technique:


  • Stand with one foot forward and one back, similar to a pitcher’s stance.
  • Hold the washer flat in your hand with a firm grip.
  • Release the washer with a smooth, underhand motion.


How Do You Win Washers?


Accuracy is critical to winning the washers game. Try these strategies to improve your aim:


  • Develop a consistent throwing motion.
  • Aim for the holes, aiming farther for opportunities to score those higher point values.


Advanced Rules of Washers Game for Experienced Players


For those who have mastered the basics, there are advanced techniques to explore the washers outdoor game:


  • Experiment with spin and trajectory to control your throws.
  • Learn how to bank shots off the board to score points.


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How to Enjoy Washers at Parties or Family Events


Washers is a fantastic addition to any social gathering. Here are some tips on how to incorporate it into your events:



Benefits of Playing Washers


Playing washers isn’t just fun and offers surprising health benefits. It promotes physical activity, balance, and coordination as you move around to toss washers. Additionally, the game provides mental stimulation as you strategize and aim for those coveted points.


This classic washers outdoor game serves as a fantastic avenue for crafting enduring memories and enhancing the bonds with your loved ones. The friendly competition, laughter, and shared experiences make it an ideal activity for building connections and fostering camaraderie.


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Use the Rules of Washers Game to Level Up Your Outdoor Fun


So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to embrace and master the rules of washers game for fun  and bonding. Whether enjoying a laid-back weekend with family or planning an exciting outdoor event, this classic backyard game will excite your gatherings.


Elevate the enjoyment of your upcoming backyard get-together with the family-friendly excitement of the washer outdoor game, ensuring you cherish every moment. Elevate the success of your next game day with our top-notch outdoor gaming equipment.


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