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5 Holiday Housekeeping Tips For Your Outdoor Space

The holidays are approaching, which means it’s time to host gatherings and meet all your loved ones again. There are many outdoor activities your guests can enjoy, including grilling, playing games, and dining al fresco. Before you can welcome friends and family for the holidays though, you’ll want to make sure you have a festive outdoor space ready.


Of course, outdoor holiday housekeeping is easier said than done. If you’re looking for tips to prepare your backyard for the holidays, these five may be a great place to start.


1. Get Motivated to Make a Festive Outdoor Space for the Holidays


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Let’s face it — not everyone enjoys cleaning, especially when it’s chilly outside. With the right motivation though, you can get in the holiday housekeeping mood and find the time flying by.


One way to find motivation is to make things fun. Stay entertained by listening to podcasts as you clean. The Clean With Me podcast will even guide you through the steps as you clean each area of your home, so you can stay focused on your task.


You might also find the Pomodoro Technique for housekeeping useful. Download a Pomodoro timer app or simply use a stopwatch to help alternate your time between cleaning and taking breaks. With the work split up this way, you may find getting through it even easier.


2. Prepare the Entryway for Welcoming
Holiday Guests


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In the winter, coats, hats, and scarves are essential, but your guests may not want to keep them on throughout all the festivities. Give them someplace to clean up and store their winter clothing in the entryway.


Set up a boot scraper, boot tray, and a chair to sit on so that your guests can clean and remove their footwear easily. Have a space for coats and a basket for hats and gloves. Lastly, ensure that the pathways for areas your guest will frequent — like the doorway, kitchen, and restroom — have mats and rugs for easy wiping.


3. Do Some Landscaping for the Holiday Season


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Lawn care for the holiday season can be a little trickier than the rest of the year, but guests will appreciate a well-kept outdoor space. Water your plants and stay consistent with raking so that plant debris doesn’t accumulate. 


You might want to add potted plants along entryways or on your porch to keep a vibrant touch of green, even as the rest of the outdoor world turns white. Certain flowers will bloom in the winter, including snowdrops, winter pansies, and pot marigolds. Plant these ahead of time for more color at your holiday gatherings and to keep your garden lively through the whole winter.


4. Add Warmth to Your Outdoor Space


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Winter’s chill doesn’t have to stop you or your guests from having a nice time outdoors. Set up your outdoor space so that you won’t be too cold.


You can put heat lamps around your outdoor lounge and add lanterns on tree branches. Consider further protecting these areas with tents or awnings and adding blankets and pillows to your seats. You can even wrap fairy lights around pillars, railings, and trees for an added glow.


5. Set up an Accessible Outdoor Food Station


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You can enjoy dining in your outdoor space in any season. Just make sure your party menu is winter-friendly. Set up a fire pit where you can stay warm as you chat and roast marshmallows. You can also set up a drink station for hot cocoa, cider, and coffee.


Feel free to bring the grill out this holiday season. There are lots of great grilling ideas for the winter.


Set Yourself Up for Outdoor Holiday Housekeeping Success


Housekeeping for the holiday season isn’t always easy. Hopefully, these five outdoor holiday housekeeping tips will make things simpler and provide you with some rewarding results.


For more helpful information on how you can enjoy your outdoor space all year round, be sure to check out the rest of the Ledge Blog.




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