6 Backyard Brunch Tips That'll Help You See Smiling Faces at Your Spring Celebration
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6 Backyard Brunch Tips That'll Help You See Smiling Faces at Your Spring Celebration

Spring has finally arrived, bringing with it warmer weather, beautiful blooms, and a real reason to celebrate. So, pop open the champagne! It’s time to make some mimosas and enjoy brunch in the backyard. Get started with our backyard brunch tips.


How do you make a perfect brunch? It starts with a solid plan and should include your favorite friends, the tastiest treats, and a considerate approach. An unforgettable event doesn’t have to be difficult. Use our backyard brunch tips for some help bringing it all together.


1. Set the Scene for Spring Dining Al Fresco


Outdoor dining table with chairs and bench around it, with salad and two plates on table


Spring is the perfect season for hosting backyard brunch. There are no harsh winter winds, but you also aren’t quite under summer’s scorching sun yet.


So, start getting your outdoor dining area ready. For this fun, relaxed affair, you’ll want to provide a seat at the dining table for everyone in attendance. Then, you’ll be able to gather together for an incredibly memorable meal.


2. Plan for Brunch with Plenty of Early Notice


Hand with pen hovering over tablet with calendar on it, and open notebook next to it


Then, get your backyard brunch into everyone’s calendars.


Traditionally, brunch takes place on Sunday in the later hours of the morning. You can also schedule for Saturday. Or, if you and your friends work outside of a typical 9-5 job, simply pick a date and time that works for most people’s availability. Unlike breakfast which must happen in the morning and lunch which only fits into a few hours in the middle of the day, there are no real rules here. If Monday at 3 pm works best for everyone, call that brunch!


The only important thing is that everyone knows when they should arrive. Give your guests early notice so they’ll have time to plan around your backyard brunch.


3. Make a Menu That Blends Breakfast and Lunch


Brunch plates on set table - croissants, omelette with garden salad, and French toast on plates


It’s right there in the name: Brunch – combining “breakfast” and “lunch”.


Delve deep into a breakfast buffet with everything from eggs and bacon to big platters piled with pancakes and some sweet, fruity treats. Or, let lunch be the star of your brunch with burgers off your grill, a salad tossed up with fresh food from your garden, and savory snacks served on a charcuterie board.


Of course, the best brunch menus will have a little bit of the best of both worlds. Elevate eggs into a quiche that includes some of your favorite fresh vegetables and herbs. Bring on the bacon by serving it on the side, tossing it into pasta, wrapping it around shrimp, or even putting a bit on top of cupcakes. With a little something for everyone, there will be no shortage of smiling faces at this backyard brunch.


4. Don’t Forget Those Delicious Drinks


Hands holding glasses of carbonated drink up in a toast


If we’re honest with ourselves, it’s the mimosas that really turn an al-fresco dining experience into a backyard brunch. To make a mimosa, pour your favorite sparkling wine into a glass and add a splash of orange juice. You might also add a maraschino cherry with some of its sweet syrup. Or feel free to switch out the orange juice for passion fruit, mango, or your own favorite flavor.


Of course,everyone has their own idea of the best brunch cocktail, and maybe you’re not a big fan of bubbly for brunch. To serve up a screwdriver, you only need to replace the mimosa’s champagne with vodka. And if you stock up your backyard bar, you’ll be able to provide everyone with their own favorite brunch beverage, whether that’s a piña colada or a mojito.


When hosting a backyard brunch, you should also have some non-alcoholic options. Cater to your sleepy guests with coffee, making sure to also supply the sugar and cream. Serve juices in glass carafes, making sure to keep them chilled in an ice basin or inside a patio refrigerator. 


5. Decorate for a Beautiful Backyard Brunch


Wooden table set with yellow table runner, decorated plates, a decorated bowl of lemons, and foliage


Making your backyard brunch look well put together is really quite easy to accomplish. After all, you’re getting together to enjoy good food and make memories, so less is more when it comes to decor.


A few simple spring touches are really all you need to delight your guests. Keep plates, chargers, and decor to a lighter, pastel palette. Celebrate the blooming buds of the season with a floral theme, including freshly-cut flowers in glass vases as your main piece of decor. You might even use your own garden to supply the foliage used across the tablescape.


6. Serve Up Smiles Along with the Food


Overhead shot of brunch spread on burlap table runner, with people holding drinks on table


The way that you present the food is another way that you can boost the appearance of your backyard brunch. There are so many ways to get creative about it, from setting finger foods up on a tiered platter to spearing them onto sticks.


Be sure to keep those delicious brunch bites warm until everyone’s ready to dig in. You might want to put them into the oven and set it to warm if you’re ready with plenty of time to spare. Or, simply cover the dishes with foil to hold in the heat.


When everyone arrives and gets seated, you can dig right into an amazing meal!


Don’t Forget to Bring Your Own Smile to the Backyard Brunch


We hope these backyard brunch tips are able to help you put together an event that everyone will enjoy. You might not get everything exactly right, but the point is not to have a perfect party. Brunch is about spending quality time with friends and making memories outdoors. Enjoy the moment and it’s sure to be a meal you’ll never want to forget.


Your backyard is home to many meaningful moments throughout the year, from brunch in the spring to summer cookouts and pool parties, autumn evenings around the fire, and cozy gatherings in the winter. Make the most out of every event throughout the year by following along with the #LEDGELIFE email newsletter. It includes plenty of helpful party-planning tips, recipe ideas, and other ways to enjoy your outdoor life.


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