How to Take the Tailgate Into the Backyard with an Outdoor Football Watch Party
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How to Take the Tailgate Into the Backyard with an Outdoor Football Watch Party

Cheering on a favorite football team is even more fun with friends. That’s why tailgating and watch parties are so popular for football fans.


A typical tailgate takes place in a parking lot. You bring your own food and drinks and get the party started in your own little spot outside of the stadium. This pre-game event lets the fun of football extend to the whole day and helps build up everyone’s energy for the start of the game.


With an outdoor football watch party, you can take the thrill of tailgating into your own backyard. Just invite your friends, set up your space, prepare the food and drinks, and have some fun enjoying the football game.


Two men "cheers" drinks over the grill at a tailgate


Get Started with Party Planning


The first step in throwing a successful football watch party is to get guests to come over. 


Plans for the Super Bowl or another championship game may have some competition for the time slot. Be the first on everyone’s schedules by sending your invites as early as possible.


Getting the event set in stone on your own calendar will also allow you to start preparing the backyard right away.


Prepare a Place to Catch the Big Game


Your yard might need just a little bit of work before you can welcome your fellow football fans. For an enjoyable outdoor football-watching experience, make sure your patio is ready.


Create An Outdoor Living Room


Two ottomans, a coffee table, and TV console credenza under a backyard pergola


With a projector and movie screen, you could enjoy watching football right on the lawn. However, you’ll probably be more comfortable inside a furnished and covered patio.


With an outdoor living room, you get the comforts of an indoor space and the ability to feel fresh air. Ideally, you’ll also have a roof over your head to keep any rain out of your party and stop sun glare from interfering with your view of the TV.


Fix up this patio living space with everything you need to enjoy watching football outside. The Mainstay Bar Credenza can help bring it all together. Mount your outdoor TV, fill up the mini fridge with delicious drinks, and store all your other party essentials inside.


Then, you’ll just need to arrange your seating around the screen and make sure you’re plugged in and ready to go on the big day.


Set Up Some Seats


Woman holding drink and lounging on orange and white striped Ledge Lounger Laze Pillow in a backyard


Which seating is best for an outdoor football watch party? It’s really up to you. A sectional makes for a solid option, but you could also put a few Laze Pillows out on the lawn.


As long as there’s enough room for everyone to grab a spot and the seating choices are comfortable, you should be good to go.


Get the TV Ready to Go


TV on bar credenza with coffee table in front of it


Nothing is more essential for an outdoor football watch party than the TV. If it’s not ready to go before game time, guests will have to checking scores on a smartphone, and that’s not very much fun.


Ensure your outdoor TV is secure on its mount, everything is plugged in, and you’re able to connect to the correct channel.


Share Some Game Day Snacks


Game day snacks - hotdogs with twisted pastry dough dipped in salsa, rolls shaped like footballs, and queso dip with chips


A game-day-friendly menu is a must. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but your guests will appreciate having something to snack on.


This could be a good time to get out the grill. Serve sliders, chicken, or hot dogs.


Or, stick with simpler party snacks like chips and dip, pizza, or little sandwiches. Anything that’s easy for your guests to grab and go works well for this casual outdoor event.


Then, it all comes down to drinks. Beer is usually a good bet for football watch parties. If you want though, you could elevate your event with a special cocktail.


Add Additional Outdoor Entertainment


Every football watch party includes a few friends that are only there for the chips and guac, commercials, and conversation. While the on-field action may be enough entertainment for the football fanatics in attendance, these other guests should be able to have a good time too.


Woman looking back and holding magazine while lounging on Ledge Lounger in-pool chaise, with side table and empty chaise next to her


Turn outdoor football-watching into a pool party. If you position things just right, you might be able to catch some of the action from a seat on the pool ledge. At the same time, those who aren’t interested in watching can simply swim and splash all afternoon.


Couple playing cornhole and man cheering, with two Mainstay Adirondack Tall chairs behind them


You might also expand the event to include lawn games. Set up some favorites like cornhole or washers to give everyone something to do when the big game isn’t holding enough interest.


Celebrate the Football Fun with Friends and Family


Whether you’re cheering on your favorite team or simply enjoying the game day experience, make sure to include people you care about. As long as you have a good time together, your outdoor football watch party is sure to be a success.


Group of friends tailgating with red cups and beers


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