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How Can You Add Onto an Existing Inground Pool and Make It Your Own?

Just because you have a pre-built pool doesn’t mean it can’t be uniquely yours. If you’ve just moved into a new house with a pool or have an old pool that deserves a refresh, we’ve got some tips for you. Can you add onto an existing inground pool? Absolutely.


Whether by adding new water features, incorporating a spa, or simply getting an in-pool chaise or other furniture, feel free to make it your own. By exploring different design ideas and considering your specific preferences and needs, you can create a space that enhances your relaxation experience.


How Can I Make My Pool Look Nice?


Before diving headfirst into this backyard adventure, some planning is in order. Connecting seamlessly with your existing pool design is critical. You want it to feel like a natural extension, not an afterthought. Think about the purpose of the addition – is it for more seating, recreation, or perhaps a splash pad for the kiddos?


Why not add stylish in-pool furniture? Like a Signature Low-Back Chair or a Signature Slide where the kids can have fun. Dream big and transform your pool into an oasis that becomes the envy of the neighborhood.


Enhance the Relaxation Experience With New Pool Features


We all need a place we can go for a relaxing escape. Some people find theirs at a park bench, an atmospheric cafe, or a comfy couch with a good book. Why shouldn’t your pool be that place for you? With the right relaxation features, you can find a mini-vacation waiting for you every time you head out to your poolside paradise. 


Update the Pool Finish


Doing some work on the pool finish tile


Say goodbye to those tired, faded tiles or worn-out plaster and consider diving into the trendier pool finish options that have emerged in recent years. Pebble Tec or aggregate finishes add a touch of modern elegance and come with durability perks, making your pool look like it belongs in the pages of a design magazine.


Whether you're into serene blues that mimic the ocean or earthy tones that blend seamlessly with your landscaping, there's a finish out there waiting to transform your pool from yesterday to today. It's a small investment that pays off big in turning your pool area into a contemporary oasis.


Add New Pool Furniture


Woman relaxing on the pool ledge on a Signature Lowback Chair


Upgrading your in-pool furniture is an easy way to breathe new life into the whole backyard scene. Maybe you've got this classic, maybe slightly weathered pool that's been the hub of countless summer memories. Now, imagine jazzing it up with some sleek, modern pool furniture.


The correct set of pool furniture can instantly transform your pool area into a chic oasis, making it feel like you've stepped into a resort every time you dip. So, you're not just modernizing the look but also cranking up the comfort level for those lazy afternoons by the water.


Why not opt for an in-pool chaise? It is best for sunbathing and is designed ergonomically for complete comfort. You could also consider in-pool barstools and side tables for additional poolside luxuries.


Consider Pool Accessories


Two in-pool chaises with blue shades and headrest pillows on the pool ledge


When renovating your pool, you will also need accessories to make that perfect new pool vibe. Consider a headrest pillow for your poolside seating, and enjoy complete comfort while sunbathing.


If the rays from the sun become irritating, there’s no need to leave the pool. All you need is a Signature Chaise Shade; this chic accessory effortlessly keeps the sun at bay while providing a media viewing window for your touchscreen device.


With a convenient slide-on, slide-off design, the chaise shade is compatible with both the Signature Chaise and Chaise Deep loungers, making it the perfect in-pool companion.


Add LED Lighting


In-pool chaises in a pool at night lit by LED lighting under water


LED lights come in various colors and can be programmed to create stunning light shows, turning an ordinary swim into a magical experience.


Whether hosting a lively evening pool party or enjoying a quiet night swim, the vibrant hues in the water set the perfect mood. It's not just about illumination; it's about turning your pool into a visual masterpiece that elevates your overall outdoor ambiance.


Create Your Dream Outdoor Oasis


The possibilities are as vast as the summer sky in the quest for the ultimate outdoor sanctuary. The key lies in thoughtful additions seamlessly integrating with your existing pool area. Whether it's the allure of a tranquil waterfall cascading into the pool or the luxury of a stylish in-pool chaise for lounging, each enhancement contributes to the symphony of relaxation your backyard deserves.


While adding on new features or initiating another large renovation project may take a bit more planning, one simple upgrade can begin today. Add luxurious in-pool furniture for a scene that’s all your own.


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