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Top 5 In-Pool Furniture Trends of 2023

Furniture has the power to make any space come alive, and the pool environment is no exception. If you’re ready to furnish your pool, the in-pool furniture trends of 2023 are a great place to start.


From vibrant color palettes to curved lines, summer 2023 is full of fun trends for your poolside scene. Follow along and turn your pool area into a stylish oasis that’s the envy of all.


1. Vibrant Colors


Backyard with two chaises with headrest pillows, a side table, and two barstools in the pool, and a daybed on the patio


For years, design has been dominated by whites, grays, and other neutral tones. While this clean and sophisticated aesthetic has its appeal, it’s time for a change.


In 2023, we’re embracing a vibrancy in in-pool furniture design. We can credit part of this trend to the Pantone Color of the Year: Viva Magenta. Let this rich hue inspire you to make a statement with your pool furniture choices, but don’t stop at this one color.  Whether it’s a fiery orange, a lively turquoise, or a sunny yellow, there’s a wide spectrum to choose from.


Go bold with the colors you choose for your in-pool seating. You might go with a coral chaise or a barstool in one of our brilliant blue shades. Or, mix up your accessories, picking pillows or shades with vibrant fabrics.


2. Resort-like Luxury at Home


Woman laying on a Ledge Lounger in-pool chaise with a headrest pillow and shade


Since the pandemic, we’ve been staying home more, finding serenity within our own spaces. And even without the plane ticket, you can still enjoy the luxury associated with resort getaways. In fact, that’s one of the in-pool furniture trends of 2023.


At Ledge, we take pride in providing five-star resort quality for your own backyard. Ledge furniture offers an unrivaled level of comfort, elegance, and relaxation. When you’re enjoying your own in-pool chaise lounger, you won’t even miss that poolside resort.


3. Taking Full Advantage of That Tanning Ledge


Two adults sit on Ledge Lounger in-pool chairs and toast with large cans, in front of an in-pool side table ice bin with umbrella


Tanning ledges, also known as sun shelves, baja shelves, or pool ledges, have gained immense popularity in recent years. They provide a shallow, submerged area in the pool where you can relax, catch some sun, or enjoy your pool’s water features. As more pools are being built and the tanning ledge trend catches on, in-pool furniture can help with putting your built-in seating area to use.


Take advantage of this trend by adding a chair, chaise, side table, or in-pool umbrella to your pool’s ledge. Instead of diving in deep or drying off, you’ve got complete convenience on the ledge. Switch between swimming and suntanning without ever leaving the water.


4. Stress-Free Experiences


Woman in pool removing threaded plug from Ledge Lounger product


In today’s fast-paced world, finding moments of relaxation and respite is essential for our well-being. You want to be able to unwind without any added stress or complications. With the right in-pool furniture, you can.


Ledge in-pool furniture offers easy installation and requires minimal maintenance. Without any assistance, you can quickly have your poolside sanctuary set up and ready to go. And a quick wipe or rinse-off is all it takes to keep the pool furniture looking great.


5. Curved and Organic Shapes


Woman lounging on white Ledge Lounger Autograph Chaise on pool ledge


Another big comeback in the design world: curves and other organic shapes. Curvy furniture is a trend that was big in the 1970s, and it’s come back to interior design in full force. At the same time, we’re seeing curved lines carry over to the outdoors as an in-pool furniture trend.


Sharp lines aren’t found very often in nature, which is why our brains are more naturally drawn to curved shapes. In our outdoor space, curved furniture fits right into the natural environment. It also further promotes tranquility and relaxation.


Ledge furniture lets you bring this trend into your space. The curves of our in-pool seating are designed to conform to your body’s natural shape, ensuring optimal comfort and support. And with curves on our side tables and other accessories, the whole look comes together with ease.


Create Your Own Trendy Poolside Paradise


By incorporating these trends into your pool area, you can transform it into a stylish, comfortable, and inviting space.


To bring these trends to life, it’s time to explore the vast array of in-pool furniture options available. From lounge chairs and chaise loungers to side tables and accessories, there’s a wealth of choices to suit your style and needs.


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