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Top 6 Must-Have Luxury Pool Accessories from Ledge

Are you looking to elevate your poolside adventure? From trendy floats to chic poolside furniture, there are plenty of options to take your pool area to the next level. So, if you're ready to boost your outdoor oasis and make a statement, here are some essential luxury pool accessories to consider.


The Best Pool Ledge Accessories for Your Oasis


Accessories let you take lounging to the next level. So, how will you upgrade your experience?


1. Headrest Pillows


Women on Autograph Chaise with headrest pillow


Every detail counts regarding luxuriating by the pool, and our headrest pillows epitomize this philosophy. These pillows aren't just an added accessory; they're the epitome of comfort and indulgence, elevating the entire poolside lounging experience to new heights.


While you relax on your Signature Chaise and Chaise Deep, a plush headrest pillow will cradle your head and neck with the perfect cushioning.


2. Seat Shades


Woman looking up at shade on in-pool chaise


There’s nothing better than a sunny day by the pool, but sometimes it’s shining too strong. With a seat shade, you can relax and enjoy reading a book, watching a video on your phone, or simply sitting back without having the sun in your eyes.


Plus, our shades include a media viewing window, which enables you to conveniently slide in your touchscreen device and use it without worrying about water splashing onto the screen. 


3. Seat Risers


Assembling risers for in-pool chaise


Comfort is critical for poolside lounging. If you are eager to unwind on your pool ledge but apprehensive about the water's depth, look no further than the chaise riser —your ideal solution. This innovative accessory enables you to enjoy your chaise lounge in deeper waters.


4. Side Tables


Sitting on in-pool chair with side table


Every detail counts when crafting the perfect poolside oasis, and that's where side tables shine. These sleek and stylish pool furniture offer the perfect place to rest your drink or snack or keep your favorite beverage cool throughout the day.


Whether you're hosting a poolside soiree or simply unwinding after a long day, this is the added convenience you need in your outdoor area. So, invite your family and friends and create lasting memories by the pool.


5. Umbrellas


Sitting on in-pool chairs under an umbrella


These elegant additions provide essential shade on scorching days. With wide coverage, an umbrella will keep you cool and comfortable while sitting outside on a sunny day.  Sip on a favorite drink, flip through a magazine, and savor these simplest of moments.


Beyond their practical function, they serve as stylish accents, elevating the ambiance of your pool area. By shielding guests from the harsh sun rays, umbrellas create a more inviting environment for socializing, lounging, and unwinding by the pool.


6. Pool Floats


Woman relaxing on Laze Pillows in the pool


When creating an inviting and luxurious poolside ambiance, pool floats stand out as essential accessories. These floats offer a comfortable spot for lounging in the water and elevate the entire pool experience to a new level of sophistication.


Whether you're basking under the sun, engaging in playful splashes with friends, or simply drifting lazily, there's an undeniable joy in surrendering to the tranquility of the moment. So, recline on your float, surrounded by laughter and the gentle lapping of the water.


Design Your Poolside Retreat with Luxury Pool Accessories


Relaxing on in-pool chaises


With these must-have luxury pool accessories, you can curate a space that reflects your taste and enhances your gatherings. Whether you're lounging by the water with a refreshing drink or entertaining guests, you’ll be able to do so in style with these convenient poolside accessories.


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