Top Five Tips for Enjoying the Outdoors All Year Long with a Cold Weather Patio
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Top Five Tips for Enjoying the Outdoors All Year Long with a Cold Weather Patio

Why invest in a cold weather patio? Well, why should a beautiful backyard go to waste whenever temperatures drop a little too low?

In colder climates, this might mean hardly ever getting to actually enjoy an outdoor space that you’ve worked so hard to get right. 

If this is the case for you, take cold weather into consideration as you create your design. Prepare by bringing out heaters, setting up weather-proof furniture, and more. In the end, you can have a patio that’s perfect for any time of the year.

1. Trap Heat Inside a Covered Patio Space

Metal chairs and coffee table on covered patio next to fireplace, with open door showing indoor kitchen

Staying under a shelter is your best bet when dealing with the worst of winter weather. However harsh the temperatures get, having a roof over your head can help. Get a patio enclosure installed so you can stay outside without fully exposing yourself to the elements.

Then, you can continue entertaining in the backyard throughout the winter. The patio roof will keep snow off the furniture and out of the way of your guests. At the same time, retractable walls, screens, or tarps can block out strong winter winds from the patio party. You can even invest in heated patio flooring for a little extra warmth. 

Best of all, the patio enclosure holds in any heat you add from sources like space heaters. So, chilling on this cold weather patio doesn’t have to be so chilly.

2. Give the Garden an Evergreen Focus

Evergreen trees and bushes

When you live in a colder climate, the right choice of plant life can make all the difference between a yard full of barren branches and one that’s as alive as ever in the midst of winter. So, take on some cold weather landscaping and add some evergreens into your yard.

Taking an evergreen approach to gardening is a great way to liven up the look of your backyard when it’s cold out.

Dense evergreen trees, like fir, spruce, or yew will stand strong through freezing weather and block wind from reaching you.

Flowering evergreens can also add some color to a cold weather backyard. They won’t necessarily bloom in the dead of winter, but they will still continue to thrive outdoors, giving you some colorful cover until the spring time arrives.

3. Choose Furniture That Can Withstand Winter Weather

Backyard entirely covered in snow except for rectangular pool

While patio furniture is meant to stay outside, not all materials are made for freezing temperatures, snow storms, or other winter weather conditions. If your outdoor furniture doesn’t have the right stuff, you’ll have to protect it with a cover or by putting it away. Either way, you won’t be able to make full use of your outdoor space.

If, however, you invest in high-quality all-weather outdoor furniture, you can sit out on the patio even when there’s cold weather. The best patio furniture for cold climates is moisture resistant and doesn’t get too cold for comfort.

You’ll particularly want to avoid wood because it absorbs moisture. Besides leading to rot, wet wood will also pose a problem when a freeze hits. When temperatures get colder outside, any water inside of your wood furniture will freeze as well, which could cause cracks to appear.

You’ll also want to avoid metal on a cold weather patio. Not only can snow sitting on your metal patio furniture lead to rusting, but you’ll also find it chilly to the touch.

A better option if you live in a cold climate is some sturdy HDPE furniture. Our outdoor furniture is made of a high-quality resin that resists moisture. It can stand up against the elements and remain a comfortable choice during your time outside.

4. Heat Up the Outdoors

Firepit with charcoal and marshmallow on stick toasting above flames

The most important part of designing a patio for the cold weather is being able to use this space comfortably, no matter how low the temperature gets. Having a way to warm up will go a long way toward making the experience much more enjoyable. 

Fire pits are one of the most common backyard heating features and they are a very fun choice. You can set up some chairs around the fire for roasting marshmallows as a family or to spend some time warming up near the flames.

Heat lamps let you add warmth outdoors without having to rearrange your patio design. Place the heaters in the areas where you spend most of your time. And whenever you want to do something different outside, you’re able to move them again easily.

Both of these options can keep you warm while you’re participating in outdoor activities. You might have dinner outdoors or simply spend an evening relaxing in the open air.

And if it’s not warm enough for you, you can always spend some time soaking in the hot tub – just be prepared for a cold shock afterward. It may help to have your towel nearby.

5. Create a Cozy Atmosphere with Blankets and More

Blankets and throw pillows on wood chairs and floor

With a few final touches, you can have a completely cozy patio to enjoy every time there is cold weather. Before guests arrive, get the patio ready.

Clean up around the yard, clearing snow in the spaces you’ll be using and tidying up around the backyard. Be sure the hot tub is clean and ready to go. Turn on any patio heaters you have outside. And fill up a basket with blankets or drape them on top of the patio furniture, so you’ll always have a soft and comforting way to warm up within reach.

These small details are worth it to stay warm outdoors during the colder months.

Design Your Perfect Outdoor Space for Every Season

Every effort that you make to create a cold weather patio will be rewarded when you’re able to sit outside and make memories throughout the winter. You should be able to fully enjoy your outdoor space, no matter what the season.

Let us help you create an outdoor space that works for you all year long. Our team of professional designers will work with you to determine the best design for your backyard. 

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