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Work From Home Gifts: 6 Holiday Shopping Finds for Your Own Outdoor Office

When you work from home, you don’t have to stick to the same routine, the same dress code, or even the same location. From one day to the next, you could take your tasks from your home office to a coworking space, a coffee shop, or even your own backyard. During the colder months of the holiday season, you may not be able to enjoy as much sunshine or fresh air. But a new year is just around the corner, and if you want to start prioritizing time outside, your holiday shopping can help make this happen. 

Gift yourself a whole new way to work with all the essentials for an outdoor office. These work from home gifts can help you create a spot where you can enjoy some fresh air and still stay connected. 

1. Set Up Your Outdoor Office

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To start, you need somewhere to sit, plug in your laptop, and get to work. However you like to work, there’s a way to bring your productivity into the backyard. Use the Signature Chaise as your outdoor office chair. This seat pairs well with the Signature Side Table, giving you a great spot to put down your laptop or any of your other supplies.

On more relaxed work days, you can set yourself up for success sitting on an Adirondack or laying out with your laptop on an Echo Chaise, which offers five different reclining positions.

2. Bring Everything You Need Out With You

all in one document organizer

Working from home isn’t always as simple as a grab and go with your laptop. If you have quite a few supplies to take with you on the commute to your new outdoor office, gift yourself easily portable storage with the All in One Organization Vault. It can hold all your important items, including pens, papers, and post-it notes. It can even become home to the other work from home gifts that you receive this year.

3. Put Down Plans That Won’t Need Rainchecks

daily notebook planner

Most of your work supplies will need to be protected from spills and splashes of water. With the Rite in the Rain planner though, you’ll have one thing you can plan to put to use even while poolside. With waterproof paper that you can write on even in the middle of a rainstorm, this is a great gift to use when you work outside.

4. Protect Your Screen From the Sun

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Unless it’s pouring, the weather shouldn’t get in the way of your productivity or keep you from enjoying your outdoor office. Spend sunny days online and at work without worrying about glare getting in your way. Add an Ultra Umbrella to your outdoor workspace to keep it completely protected from the sun’s rays.

5. Enjoy a Warm Drink All Day Long

ember mug

Some days, you may work under the warm sun. Other days may be a bit more chilly, but that doesn’t have to keep you indoors. Bring a blanket and a warm drink. If using an Ember Mug, you can even keep that warmth throughout the entire day. This smart mug keeps your coffee or tea at the same temperature, so you’ll never have to take a cold sip during the workday again.

6. Take Note of the Difference Working Outdoors Can Make

large daily planner

As you get accustomed to spending the work day outside, you’ll surely have a lot to note about the experience. When you’re somewhere you can stay dry, use the Rocketbook Fushion to list all the reasons you love working outdoors, or put down  some more important pieces of information. This smart reusable notebook has pages that can be synched to the internet. Once they’ve been uploaded, clear them off and write all over again.

With this work from home gift, you can join those virtual meetings from the back porch without worries that you’ll run out of space for note-taking.

Create Your Spot in the Sun for Better Work From Home Days

As you can see, with the right work from home gifts, you can easily take your workday outdoors. Start setting up your space so you can get your outdoor office open for business in the new year.

With an outdoor space made just for you and your lifestyle, you will enjoy a better backyard experience. Live the #LEDGELIFE and create long-lasting memories in the backyard. Our high-quality outdoor living products can be enjoyed outside, both while you’re working and after you clock out.

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