How Time Outside Can Make for Excellent Self-Care
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How Time Outside Can Make for Excellent Self-Care

Taking care of yourself should always be a top priority. By heading outside, you can integrate more self-care into your busy life.

Spending time outside for self-care can give you a break from the stress of your daily routine. At the same time, just being outside can make you feel better. Being surrounded by trees, sunshine, and the rest of nature’s elements can help in reducing stress and boosting your mood.

Add some outdoor self-care activities into your schedule. Take some time away from your computer screen to catch a sunrise, observe the birds, or enjoy the beauty of a flower garden. Take up a hobby like hiking, biking, or gardening. Or share the benefits of time outside with others by coordinating trips or hosting in your own backyard. It doesn’t matter how you choose to practice self-care outdoors, as long as you give that time to yourself.

Give Your Mind a Break from Technology With Outdoor Activities

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Plenty of research has already shown that excessive screen time is not good for us. Instead of being a fun distraction, social media and television can cause us more stress. Looking at a computer screen too long can also cause eye strain. 

Avoiding screens completely may not be a possibility for you. You still have to finish reading this article, for one thing. Yet, it is still worth the effort to take breaks from technology where possible. As you take part in outdoor self-care, do so away from your devices. You’ll find yourself feeling much more relaxed if you unplug and focus on the natural environment around you.

If you’re always turning to your phone for entertainment, you may struggle with the idea of spending time away from it. With the right outdoor self-care activities though, you won’t even be missing your devices. You might take up a new hobby like tennis, spend some time meditating or writing in a journal, or relax with a good book. Your outdoor space is full of possibilities for a fun, screen-free time.

Put a Smile on Your Face by Soaking Up the Sun

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Even if you can’t give outdoor self-care too big a share of your schedule, just a bit more exposure to the sun can do a lot of good. Studies have shown that sunlight increases serotonin levels in the brain. In other words, sunny days can make you happier.

Luckily, adding more sunlight to your life is an easy enough task. Just don’t forget to put on sunscreen and otherwise practice sun safety while you’re out there. 

Take a few moments outside in the morning, sipping your coffee or just sitting for a bit, to start your day with the first rays of sun. Pack a picnic or bring your lunch onto an outdoor dining table. Or, get an outdoor exercise routine going.

Find Plenty of Exercise Opportunities Outdoors

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Physical activity is good for both your physical and mental health. Just 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day can help prevent health problems like diabetes and heart disease. Through the release of endorphins, it can also boost your mood. Since spending time outside also lifts spirits, why not take your workout outdoors?

Get some friends together to compete at a sport like soccer, tennis, or basketball. You can also bring the competition into your own backyard with a game like cornhole or ping pong. There are also solo activities like biking, running, and yoga. 

Swimming is an active option that can be enjoyed both alone and with others. Pool games make exercising enjoyable, as you get to have fun with your friends at the same time. And when you’re tired, you can rest and relax on the best pool ledge chairs.

Connect with Family and Friends When You Host Events Outside

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Having a social support system is essential. When you’re feeling down, you want to be able to turn to a friend for advice or comfort. On the good days as well, we all enjoy making conversations and sharing laughter with others.
Outdoor events are a great way to bring people together. Schedule a camping trip or a visit to the beach for a break from the usual routine, or invite everyone to your own backyard. Whether you throw a pool party or a BBQ bash, it’s sure to be a good time for everyone, bringing some good vibes into your life.

Find Fulfillment in an Outdoor Hobby

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Hobbies form part of a well-balanced, purposeful life. You don’t do them for anyone else, but for your own enjoyment and satisfaction. Engaging in self-care can really be as simple as giving yourself the time needed for a hobby that interests you.

There are many outdoor hobbies to choose from. You can join a team sport, photograph the natural world around you, try to identify the different birds in your area, or take up gardening. Any of these activities can be a fun way to spend some time. But if you have a passion for the activity you choose, you’ll be even more likely to keep at it and get more benefits out of your hobby.

Enjoy the Rejuvenating Effect of Simply Being in Nature

Two men sitting cross legged in grass and holding dandelions

In the end, it really doesn’t matter that much what you do while you’re spending time outside for self-care. You can do nothing at all except stand there, enjoying the feeling of the sun on your face. One study found that 20 minutes at the park, no matter how you spend that time, can help make people happier. The joy is found in just being outside.

So, let yourself experience being outside. Find a comfortable spot to sit and start tuning into your surroundings. Get in touch with your senses. What do you hear? Are there birds chirping, kids playing nearby, or leaves rustling in the wind? What can you feel? Consider taking your shoes off and letting your toes wiggle in the grass, or simply run your fingers through the blades. What can you smell? Are there any sweet flowers or fruit fragrances, or perhaps you’re picking up that earthy scent of an incoming rainstorm?

Don’t forget to also get a good look around you. Looking more closely, you might notice things that you’d normally overlook. This might include a ladybug crawling through the lawn, a cloud in an interesting shape, or the intricate details of a leaf. Losing the distractions can allow you to realize how much you’ve been missing out on in your own backyard. This simple outdoor self-care activity only has to take a few minutes, but it can leave you with a whole new perspective.

Start Enjoying More Time Outside Now

There’s nothing quite like being outside. You can’t improve your well-being in the same way by just watching a nature documentary. You’ll have to actually spend some time outside.

Bring your new self-care routine into your own outdoor oasis. With our high-quality outdoor living products, you can get more out of your outdoor space. Use furniture that is both stylish and long-lasting to create a backyard that you’ll never want to leave.

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