How to Make the Most of a Lazy Day
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How to Make the Most of a Lazy Day

do-nothing day? Is that even possible? What about all the work, chores, and other tedious tasks that always fill up your to-do list? Do you just leave those waiting while you enjoy your break? Well, why not?
Relaxing in Hammock


Taking a day off to laze around can be very beneficial to your health. If you do it the right way, it can leave you much more refreshed and ready to take on your work when you get back to it. Being at 100% productivity all the time is not sustainable. At some point, you simply have to step back from the stress to take care of yourself. A lazy day is a great way to do this.

How can you get the most benefits out of this day? Start with full commitment to rest and relaxation.

Let Go of Your Need to Be Productive

Silence All Notifications

Getting things done can make us feel good about ourselves. We feel proud when we’re productive. It’s important to remember, however, that lazy days can also be productive. 

Being a little bit lazy can give you a chance to recover from the stresses of everyday life, preventing burnout. Stress damages your health, both mentally and physically. By taking a day to be lazy, you are actually engaging in an important self-care activity.

If you’re still struggling to put the to-do list away, literally get it out of your sight. Shut your planner in a drawer and silence your phone’s notifications. You might even turn your phone off – there will be no work emails on your lazy day!

What To Do During Your Lazy Day


So, you won’t be working… but what do you actually do on a lazy day?

The answer is up to you. This is one day when you don’t have to plan your schedule around others and their expectations for you. As long as the activity relaxes you, it’ll be a good option for your lazy day.

Unplug From Electronics and Head Outside

Relaxing on Bold Jungle Laze Pillow

The easy choice when we want to take a break is to turn on the TV or scroll through social media on the phone. These electronic devices can provide a quick distraction, but they won’t give you the mental rest that you need.

Instead of spending your lazy day on the couch with reality shows, discover real relaxation when you step out into your backyard. If the weather is nice, just sitting under the sun can make for an enjoyable activity on its own. If you have a pool, floating in the water or lounging on the pool ledge can also be very relaxing.

Whether you want to bring a book outside with you or would prefer to close your eyes and drift off, a Laze Pillow can be the perfect place to enjoy the backyard. Laze around on the lawn or toss it into your pool for an unforgettable lazy day outside.

Top Three Things To Do Outside on a Day Off

Of course, being lazy doesn’t have to mean doing nothing at all. This is your time. This is your chance to enjoy all those outdoor activities that your busy life normally doesn’t have room for. Add some activities into the day that can rejuvenate both your body and mind.

1. Observe Nature

Watching the Sunrise

While you’re hard at work, there’s often a whole lot of wonderful things taking place just outside of your office. Take at least one moment of your relaxation time to appreciate all the natural beauty that can be found in your own backyard. With an early start, you can see the sun rise. Throughout the afternoon, see which birds come by for a visit or look out for interesting shapes in the clouds.

2. Pack a Picnic

Picnic in the Backyard

On a lazy day, you don’t want to have to spend too much energy on cooking, but you’ll still need to eat. Consider bringing a charcuterie board outside for a simple meal that you can enjoy while relaxing. Items on a charcuterie board include deli meat, cheese, fruit, crackers, and other treats that are ready to go without getting the grill going. Once everything’s loaded onto the board, you’re good to just graze throughout the day.

3. Mindfully Move Your Body

Spend the Day Relaxing on the Laze Pillow with your Friend

Pushing yourself with a high-intensity workout would not be a very relaxing activity to most people. You can beat your fastest running time on a different day. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to spend your entire lazy day lying around. 

Many forms of exercise are more meditative and perfect for a day of rest. You might try out a yoga routine or go for a walk without any music, immersing yourself in the sights and sounds around you.

Why Not Let Yourself Be Lazy?

You can’t have every day be a lazy day, but taking a moment for yourself every so often is a good practice. It can refresh your mind and bring you back to your routine feeling better than ever. If you’ve yet to give yourself permission to take this break, go ahead and start planning your lazy day now. 

Days like these are exactly what’s in store with the #LEDGELIFE. Our products encourage you to relax in your outdoor space. To get started creating your perfect outdoor oasis for lazy days in the backyard, consider the fan-favorite Laze Pillow. It comes in several stylish designs and is perfect for relaxing both in the pool and out in the yard. 

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