Dogs hanging out near the pool ledge, which is set up with Ledge in-pool chaise loungers and an umbrella
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Swimming Paws: 4 Tips for Having Dogs in the Pool With You

Do you wish you could include your dogs in the pool to join in your swimming adventures? As a pet owner, your dogs are not just pets but beloved family members, so why shouldn’t you include them in the poolside fun?


Swimming can be enjoyed by both humans and dogs alike. However, certain precautions must be taken to ensure the safety and enjoyment of both parties.


Is It Okay to Let Your Dogs Swim in Your Pool?


Many dogs love water, and swimming can be a great exercise for promoting joint health and overall well-being. However, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. The chemicals typically employed in pools, such as chlorine, have the potential to cause harm to the skin, eyes, and ears of dogs. Monitoring your dog's reaction to pool water and rinsing them off with fresh water after swimming are crucial to minimize any potential irritation.


Some dog breeds, including Bulldogs, Pugs, Boxers, and Basset Hounds, are not natural swimmers, so it may be safer to keep them out of the water. Shorter dogs may also need more assistance, as they won’t be able to touch the floor, even in the shallow end.


Even with the strongest swimmer though, you should monitor energy levels and assist your pup as needed. Letting your dogs swim in the pool can be a rewarding experience for you and your pets. Still, providing a safe and enjoyable environment requires thoughtful consideration.


4 Tips for Sharing the Pool with Your Dogs


Sharing a refreshing pool dip with your canine companion becomes more tempting. However, you need to ensure that your poolside escapades with your canine are enjoyable and safe. So, let's dive into the tips for sharing the pool with your dogs, ensuring relaxed and carefree swims.


1. Introduce Dogs to the Pool Gently


Woman and dog by the edge of the pool


Before taking the plunge, it's essential to gauge your dog's comfort level with water. Some dogs love the water and eagerly dive in, while others may need more encouragement. Start by letting your dogs explore the pool area without water to familiarize them with the surroundings.


Once they seem at ease, introduce shallow water by guiding them in or placing them on the steps. Positive reinforcement, such as treats and praise, can go a long way in building their confidence. Gradually increase the water depth as your dogs become more comfortable, constantly monitoring their body language for signs of stress or fear.


With patience, many dogs enjoy the water, turning pool time into a cherished bonding experience for both pet and owner.


2. Ensure Canine Safety in the Pool


Dog in orange life vest getting ready to go in the pool


Ensuring the safety of your furry companions around the pool is paramount. Dogs, like children, can get overly excited around water, potentially leading to accidents. To avoid confusion, use straightforward entry and exit points for your dogs, and consider installing a pool ramp or steps to assist them in getting in and out quickly.


Another vital safety measure is always supervising your furry friend in or around the pool. Providing a life vest is a thoughtful precaution for dogs that aren't natural swimmers or those with physical limitations. These specialized jackets offer buoyancy and support, allowing your canine friends to enjoy the water safely.


Lastly, rinse your canines with fresh water after pool time to remove chlorine or other chemicals. By incorporating these safety precautions, you can create a water-friendly environment that allows your four-legged friend to enjoy the pool safely.


3. Create Fun Activities for Dogs in the Pool


Dog carrying tennis ball while swimming


Creating enjoyable activities for dogs in the pool can be a rewarding and entertaining experience for both pets and their owners. One fun activity is introducing floating toys that dogs can fetch and retrieve. Choose water-friendly dog toys that are easy for your furry friend to grip with their mouth.


Another engaging pool activity is setting up a simple doggie obstacle course. Use floating platforms or pool noodles to create a makeshift course and encourage your dogs to navigate the various elements. This not only enhances their swimming abilities but also promotes coordination and balance.


4. Create a Dog-Friendly Relaxation Spot


Basset Hound dog floating in the pool on a Laze Pillow by Ledge


Begin by selecting cozy and easily washable furniture that complements the poolside decor while providing a comfortable surface for your dogs to sprawl out. You can opt for our Square Sunbed With Flat Cushion, 2 Piece Sun Chair, Square Sunbed With Backrest Cushion, or Signature Round Sunbed.

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