Autograph Collection

Get the Luxurious Lounging Experience with the In Pool Autograph Collection

Featuring the internationally award-winning Autograph Chaise, the Autograph Collection marks the next evolution of the poolside experience. Designed with your ultimate comfort in mind, this collection boasts luxurious pool lounge chairs and in-pool chaises that redefine outdoor relaxation.

Each meticulously crafted piece in the collection showcases the utmost attention to detail and is built to withstand the rigors of the pool environment. Made from high-quality resin that can endure all the outdoor elements, from the scorching sun to the stormiest weather. These exceptional pieces are engineered to provide years of unrivaled relaxation.

With the Autograph Collection, you can indulge in luxurious lounging by the poolside. Embrace relaxation on a pool lounge chair, and take it all in. Whether you're enjoying a refreshing dip in the water or simply basking in the sun's warm glow, the Autograph Collection ensures that your poolside experience is elevated to new heights of architectural sophistication.

Elevate your outdoor living space with the sleek and sculptural aesthetic of the Autograph Collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a pool ledge lounger?

A: A pool ledge lounger is a comfortable and stylish piece of furniture designed specifically for the pool ledge. It provides a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the water while partially submerged. Within the Autograph Collection, the internationally award-winning Autograph Chaise is a pool ledge lounger that represents the pinnacle of luxury and design. This pool lounge chair provides an exceptional lounging experience by the pool.

Q: What size are in pool loungers?

A: In-pool loungers come in various sizes to cater to different pool sizes and personal preferences. The dimensions of in-pool loungers can vary, but they are generally designed to provide ample space for comfortable lounging while partially submerged in the water.

From this collection, the Autograph Chaise provides a spacious seating area, allowing you to stretch out and relax while enjoying the refreshing water. If your ledge is generous in size, providing enough space to accommodate the dimensions of the Autograph Chaise, you'll have the perfect setup for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Ideally, the ledge should be wide and long enough to accommodate the overall length of the Autograph Chaise, which is around 70 inches, and its width, which is approximately 23 inches. The ledge should also be no deeper than 12 inches, for the pool lounge chair to function as intended.

Q: What material are pool loungers made of?

A: Pool loungers that are specifically designed for in-pool use are typically made with resin, and ours are specifically made with virgin resin. This is a high-quality material known for its durability, water resistance, and ability to withstand the elements. It is well-suited for pool environments as it can withstand exposure to water, sunlight, and other outdoor elements without fading, warping, or deteriorating. Pool loungers made with resin offer a long-lasting and low-maintenance solution for comfortable relaxation in the pool.

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