How You Can Protect Patio Furniture During Winter
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How You Can Protect Patio Furniture During Winter

There’s a lot to love about winter, from seasonal celebrations to stunning snow scenes. Unfortunately, the winter weather could also pose a threat to your outdoor space. Before the cold can cause too much damage, make sure to take action to protect your patio furniture during winter.

Not protecting your patio furniture could leave you with more problems to solve come spring. After a sudden snowstorm, metal furniture may rust and other pieces could crack or break. Strong winds might even send your more lightweight furniture flying off.

Clean Up Ahead of the Cold

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Don’t save all your scrubbing and shining-up for spring cleaning. Several months of chilly temperatures can be a long time for furniture to be left alone in storage.

It’s certainly long enough for any mold or mildew to grow.

Get a bit of the cleaning done now so you’re not dealing with a bigger mess later.

The best cleaning technique for your outdoor furniture will depend on the type of material it is made of. Ledge products are sturdy enough to handle a thorough cleaning. Scrub the surface with soap and water. 
Fabrics should also be vacuumed and washed up. Some cushions with removable covers may even be placed in the washing machine.

Put Away Furniture That Fits In Storage

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Should you bring in patio furniture in the winter? Yes, putting the patio into storage is one of the simplest ways to protect patio furniture during winter. 

Store portable fabric cushions and other small items inside storage bins or another safe, indoor location. 

Now would also be a good time to clean up the clutter. After all, most children’s toys, gardening supplies, and grill tools don’t do that well out in the winter elements. 

You can also take chairs, tables, and other patio pieces into the shed or garage if there’s room for it. For furniture that isn’t too heavy, bringing it inside can be an easier task than covering it up.

However, it is not very practical to move everything indoors unless you have plenty of excess storage space. If you don’t have room inside, you’ll be better off covering or wrapping your outdoor furniture for winter.

Cover It Up If It’s Staying Outside

plastic wrapping furniture for storage

Even if your patio furniture is too large or heavy to bring indoors, there are ways to protect it during winter. Either wrap it tightly with plastic shrink wrap or use high-quality furniture covers.

Wrapping outdoor furniture for winter will keep the snow and ice off of it. While you could do it on your own, many companies offer shrink wrapping services, so you won’t have to worry about it.

If you tackle this task on your own, be extra careful that the patio furniture is fully dry before wrapping it. If there is still water remaining, the plastic wrap will trap it inside, which could lead to mold and mildew.

Done right, your patio furniture will be good to go in the spring as soon as the plastic wrap comes off.

Furniture covers are another option. The best ones have drying vents, helping to avoid the problem of trapped water. Take some time to find quality covers for your furniture, so you can be sure your patio furniture will last through the winter.

Invest In a Patio for All Seasons

With our high-quality outdoor furniture, you don’t have to worry about what weather may come your way. Built to last no matter what the outdoors brings, you can enjoy your outdoor space in every season.


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