Top 5 Backyard Organization Tips for a Tidier and More Stylish Space
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Top 5 Backyard Organization Tips for a Tidier and More Stylish Space

How do you organize a messy yard? The best backyards get frequent use. There’s always something exciting happening out there. It may be the kids having their fun in the sun, your garden beginning to grow, or friends and family coming together to share a meal. It’s simply the place to be. All these outdoor activities, however, can quickly clutter up your space. Luckily, a bit of backyard organization is all it takes to make your space enjoyable again. 

Not only can a lack of organization make a yard unattractive, it can also get in the way of actually using your space. Small items strewn around the yard, whether balls or cornhole bags, can stop a lawn mower in its tracks. And essentials can be easily misplaced when they don’t have a designated space. Get more use out of your backyard with the following stylish storage solutions. 

1. Keep Your Pool Clean

Pool Leaf Cleaner

If you own a pool, you know all about the importance of maintenance. For clean and clear water, you need to routinely test for pH balance, chlorine levels, and other water composition details. Making adjustments with chlorine and other chemicals is necessary for safe swimming, so you don’t want to be without these items.
At the same time, it might not be too wise to keep these out in the open, since they can be hazardous. Make sure to store them away from kids and pets, in a well-ventilated area. Properly put away, your pool cleaning supplies are safe and ready to go for the next time you need them again. 

Whenever it’s time to clean up, it’s best to have an empty pool to work with. Floats and toys can get in the way when skimming. They can also get damaged, lost, or caught in the pool filter if not removed from the pool after use. It’s best to deflate pool floats before storing them. Our Laze Pillow is a pool float that doesn’t need to be inflated or deflated. You can easily store it by lifting it out of the water and hanging it up to dry. 

2. Hang Things Up

Towels Hung Up to Dry

Some backyard organization ideas can help you save space if you don’t have much of it available. Store outdoor items by hanging them up, and you won’t lose any of your valuable floor space.

Put your walls to work holding onto your tools, toys, and other things. You can do this inside of a shed or even on an outside wall, for easy access when you’re out enjoying the backyard.

Put Things Up on a Pegboard: Put hooks into the pegboard holes to hang skimmer nets, poles, and similar pool tools.

Sort Out Smaller Items: Put smaller items into hanging buckets with a small hole drilled in the bottom, so they don’t collect water.

3. Double Up on Functionality

Mainstay Bar Credenza

Backyard organization ideas may be hiding in plain sight. Many outdoor furniture pieces have storage built right into them. There are bench seats that lift right up to reveal storage space inside. Our Mainstay Bar Credenza holds towels and other essentials inside, keeps drinks cool in a mini fridge, and can function as the central hub for your outdoor entertaining. Incorporate items like these to fit storage more seamlessly into your space.

4. Easily Find What You Need

Gardening Tools

One of the biggest benefits of backyard organization is always knowing where everything is. Your time is much better spent on your favorite outdoor activities than on searching for your stuff. So, figure out a storage system that works for you.

Optimize your backyard organization by grouping items together that are used together. Get right to gardening with all your supplies in the gardening table. When it’s time for pool maintenance, find all your chemicals and other supplies stored together. And your children will always be able to find something fun to do inside the outdoor toy bin.

Your various outdoor storage solutions can even be given labels to keep track of what’s inside each one. These labels don’t have to be permanent. Use chalkboard paint or put paper labels into adhesive pockets. Then, you’ll be able to make quick changes when reorganizing.


5. Hide It Away

Mainstay Round Trash Bin

As you organize the backyard, you may discover things that must stay outside, but that you don’t want on display. Hiding unattractive items can make your yard look much nicer. You may want to conceal the air conditioner, garden hose, and garbage can. These things won’t fit inside of a storage bin, but they usually don’t have the look you want for your backyard. 

You could put them inside of a hideaway box or create your own cover. The Mainstay Trash Bin is one stylish solution for wanting to hide the trash away. You can also do some landscaping around the items you want to hide. The plantlife can even provide the same natural beauty that’s found in exotic jungle locations to your own backyard.

Celebrate Your Stylish and Organized Outdoor Space

Now that it’s clutter-free and well-organized, you can enjoy your yard more. Start planning your next pool party or get some time to yourself in your own outdoor oasis. Everything in your space has its place, and your place is outside, making more memories.

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