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The Best In-Pool Furniture Items You Need for Your Pool

You’ve got the pool. Now, imagine everything you can do with it. Splashing and floating can be fun, but a poolside paradise has so many more possibilities. To fully enjoy your time, get the pool furniture you need for relaxation, entertainment, and more unforgettable experiences.


Lounging on a comfortable chaise, sipping your favorite drink at an in-pool bar, or floating on the water – these are the moments that will bring your poolside paradise alive. And they’re only possible when you’ve got the best in-pool furniture items for the job. unforgettable experiences.


1. Lay Back and Relax on In-Pool Chaises


Most outdoor seating only lets you sit beside the pool, but an in-pool chaise brings you into the water.


Lay partially submerged in the pool while you soak up all the delights of a day by the pool. Feel the water gently lapping against you, savor the sun on your skin, and listen to the soothing sounds of nature’s embrace around you. It’s a relaxing experience that you can enjoy while reading a book, sipping a cool drink, or chatting with a friend. However you like to lounge, an in-pool chaise will transform your pool into the perfect place to do so.


Two friends enjoying the backyard sun while relaxing on in-pool chaises by Ledge Lounger.


2. Take Your Seat in the Sun With In-Pool Chairs


The more upright seating position of an in-pool chair makes it ideal for more engaging activities. Enjoy a snack, have a conversation, and even play a poolside game. You’ll be completely comfortable while enjoying your time outside when you have this must-have pool furniture item.


One of the greatest advantages of this seating option is convenience. You may not even have to put on a swimsuit to enjoy them. If you want to dip your toes in the water and relax, head over to your in-pool chairs and take a break.


A couple toasting their drinks in the backyard while lounging on a pair of tanning ledge baja shelf in pool chairs.


3. Laze the Whole Day Away on High-Quality Floats


Whether it’s a laze-y afternoon with loved ones or a lively gathering of friends, floats are the key to making lasting memories in your pool. Kids will have fun floating around the pool. You’ll love laying out on your comfortable cushion. And the party is on when the pool is full of floats.


Our Laze Pillow is a bean bag and pool float all in one. You can use it in the water or out on the lawn to relax in style. The portable Laze Hammock lets you pack up the experience to enjoy wherever there’s water. Choose your fave laze look and make it part of your pool scene. 


A woman relaxing in the backyard pool on a blue pool hammock by Ledge Lounger.


4. Choose Convenience With Tables That Offer a Place for All Your Poolside Essentials


While you’re spending the day by the pool, you’ll want to keep all your poolside essentials at hand. That’s why tables are pool furniture that you need. Instead of making constant trips into the house, you can easily access everything you need. Set out your drinks, snacks, sunscreen, book, and more on an in-pool table for complete convenience.


A woman storing her sunblock in an in pool table by Ledge Lounger.


5. Entertain in Style with Barstools for an In-Pool Bar


Relaxing on the pool ledge makes for the perfect self-care solution, but socializing under the sun calls for a pool party. And with a bar right inside your pool, those celebrations will never be the same.


Add some stylish in-pool barstools and transform your pool into a vibrant place for friends to gather, drinks can flow, and memories can be made. Get the in-pool bar ready to go with these pool furniture must-haves and start serving up tropical cocktails or refreshing alcohol-free beverages.


A couple of friends chatting in the backyard pool on a pair of adjustable pool barstools.


6. Enjoy Shade by the Pool Under Umbrellas


As nice as it can be to have some fun in the sun, you don’t want to overdo it. Set up umbrellas by the pool to create shaded areas where you can relax and take a break from the direct sunlight.


Paired with a side table or standing alone, your umbrella will allow you a cool retreat to enjoy the poolside ambiance without getting too much sun. With these must-have in-pool furniture items, you can relax comfortably under the shade in your poolside paradise, so be sure to mount them properly.


In-pool chairs and side tables covered from the sun by an in-pool umbrella.


Get the Pool Furniture You Need for a Stylish Outdoor Retreat


Only you can decide which are the best in-pool furniture items for your space, but hopefully, our recommendations give you a great place to start.


So, what are you waiting for? Start enjoying your time outside even more by furnishing your poolside scene. Feel free to browse our full catalog of in-pool furniture.


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