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Why Does the Water Depth of a Ledge Matter for In-Pool Furniture?

So, you’re looking to add some furniture onto your pool’s tanning ledge and are wondering if the water depth actually matters. You’ve just moved into your new home or seen your yard’s new pool project completed – or maybe you’ve had a pool for a while and have just finally found yourself with the time to give the ledge the love it deserves. Whatever the journey, you’ve already come a long way towards an outdoor life you love.


There are just a few more details you’ll want to get right before you level up your ledge with the right pool products. Yes, the water depth of the pool ledge is one of those crucial elements you must consider.


Each one of our in-pool products has a water depth range included in the details. Customers often ask, “Does the water depth limit really matter? Can I put this product on a deeper ledge?” We’ve got the answer for you.


Yes, the Water Depth of the Ledge Does Make a Difference


A diagram showing the max water depth of the Ledge Lounger Autograph Chaise is 12 inches of water. Anything deeper will cause the product to bob or float.


A water depth range is specified for pool furniture on a ledge because, outside of this recommended depth, products will not work as intended. Chairs, chaises, and side tables all stay in place due to the weight of water inside of the product. The water on the inside has to be balanced with the water on the outside in order to secure a stable position. 


If your ledge is deeper than the recommended water depth for your product, there are some potential problems that you may encounter.


Placing Products on Ledges with the Correct Water Depth Prevents Problems


If a product is bobbing or floating around on the ledge, the water depth is likely outside of the product’s range. When properly set up on a ledge of the correct water depth, you should see no unwanted movement.


We Recommend Purchasing In-Pool Furniture That Matches Your Measurements


Being prepared with proper measurements before placing your order can allow you to avoid issues that would interfere with a smooth and enjoyable experience.


How to Measure the Water Depth of Your Ledge


Take measurements at a time when your pool is filled. Get your water depth measurement by extending the tape measure under the pool water and allowing the tape’s end to reach the surface of the pool ledge.


Note the number that the water goes up to on your tape measure – this is your tanning ledge’s water depth.


If you need any additional help with taking your pool ledge water depth measurement, let us know. Our customer service team is always ready to help.


A homeowner measuring their water depth from the bottom of the ledge to the top of the water line with measuring tape.


Pick Products That Match Your Pool’s Water Depth


Once you know the water depth of your ledge, you’re ready to shop. Right here on our website, on each product page, you’ll find water depth specifications and other useful information to help you make the right call.


Need some help getting started? If you have a shallow ledge (under 9″), you can go with our original Signature Chaise Lounge and our 14″ Signature Side Table with Umbrella Hole. Deeper ledges (greater than 9″) will be better with a deep chaise lounge and a tall ice bin table. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. We want to make sure you have the answers you need to live your best #LEDGELIFE.



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