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Enjoy The Summer With These Top 6 Fun Games To Play In The Pool

The temperature outside is heating up. And what better way to cool off than with some fun games to play in the pool? Whether lounging alone or hosting a pool party, these top pool games will help you beat the heat and have a good time splashing. So grab your swimsuit and sunscreen, and let’s dive in!


Top 6 Pool Games for Everyone to Enjoy

When creating an enjoyable pool experience, the key is ensuring that everyone, from the youngest splash enthusiast to the seasoned swimmer, finds the aquatic setting brimming with excitement.


Whether it's a game of pool noodle joust, a friendly competition of marco polo, or a leisure moment with friends using pool floats, these games to play in the pool offer a rejuvenating escape from the heat and encourage social interaction.


1. Marco Polo


Child playing Marco Polo in the pool


To start, one player, designated as "Marco," closes their eyes and calls out "Marco" while the other players, the "Polos," respond with "Polo." The catch? Marco navigates with closed eyes, relying solely on sound to locate fellow players. It's a game of stealth, evasion, and the occasional collision with pool walls.


You can introduce creative twists to the classic game of Marco Polo. For instance, consider implementing a variation where players are allowed a brief burst of speed or a limited number of underwater dives when called. Another twist could involve assigning specific movements or gestures for the Polos to perform instead of saying "Polo," adding a hilarious and unpredictable element to the game.


2. Water Volleyball


Woman on man's shoulders as they play water volleyball in the pool


To get started, you'll need a pool volleyball set, which typically includes a net that spans the width of the pool and a volleyball. Divide the players into two teams and position them on opposite sides of the pool, with the net in between.


Like regular volleyball, each team aims to score points by successfully getting the volleyball over the net and into the opposing team's side.


Let's add some twists to make this game even more enjoyable. Consider introducing a "no hands" round, encouraging players to use their heads, shoulders, or any part of their body other than their hands to keep the ball in play. These creative twists make water volleyball a great workout and ensure that laughter and camaraderie take center stage in the pool.


3. Pool Basketball


Family playing basketball in the pool


Diving into a game of pool basketball adds a splash of excitement to your poolside adventures! It's a fantastic way to enjoy the coolness of the water while engaging in some friendly competition. The rules are simple: shoot, score points, and have a blast! Consider awarding bonus points for creative trick shots to add an extra layer of fun.


Playing pool basketball can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels, making it a perfect activity for family and friends to join in. Whether you're practicing your aim or trying out new trick shots, the game is sure to keep everyone entertained and refreshed.


Our swimming pool basketball hoop, Hoopstr, keeps your hoop-shooting scene stylish. It has a sleek and upscale look that you won’t find on many other poolside hoops. Set it up on the coping or ledge and start shooting from the deep end.


It’s time to gather your team, grab a ball, and get ready to make a splash with pool basketball!


4. Cannonball Contest 


Splashing into the pool during a cannonball contest


Pick a brave soul to be the judge. Each participant takes turns executing their most epic cannonball, aiming for maximum splash radius. With a keen eye for style and splash, the judge rates each cannonball on a scale of 1 to 10.


Adding some twists to turn up the fun factor. Introduce a themed round, where contestants embody characters like superheroes or synchronized swimmers during cannonball performance.


You can also mix things up by incorporating a synchronized group cannonball round, creating a spectacle that's as visually entertaining. Remember to capture the hilarity on camera. So, prepare to make a splash, embrace the creativity, and let this game redefine poolside fun!


5. Noodle Jousting


having a noodle jousting competition playing with pool noodles


To set the stage, you'll need a couple of pool noodles. Each participant straddles their chosen noodle and, armed with the lance, attempts to unseat their opponent. The goal? Maintain balance on your noodles while trying to topple your rival into the water.


You can introduce a points system for style, rewarding creative or acrobatic attempts with different points. Another option is to play in pairs, turning it into a tag-team joust where strategy and teamwork become the keys to victory.


6. Water Balloon Toss


Hands grabbing filled water balloons for a competition


To kick things off, gather your poolside crew and a bunch of vibrant water balloons. Partners stand facing each other, each armed with a water balloon. The goal is simple: toss the water balloon back and forth without letting it burst. As the game progresses, take a step back after each successful exchange to increase the challenge.


For more of a challenge, introduce a time element – see how many successful tosses you can make in a set timeframe. You could also assign different point values to varying types of throws, encouraging players to get creative with underhand tosses, over-the-shoulder flings, or even blindfolded passes.


If you're wondering how to make a pool fun, the beauty of these water-based activities lies in their ability to transcend age and skill level. After all, a pool is not just a basin of water; it's a canvas for creating memories and fostering connections that ripple through time.


Start Enjoying Your Time Outside With These Games to Play in the Pool


So, the next time the sun's rays bear down, seek refuge in the calm waters and remember the vast options of games to play in the pool. Whether you're aiming for a laid-back afternoon lounging at an in-pool chaise while watching the kids play or a lively gathering with friends, these games ensure that your poolside experience is a respite from the heat and a celebration of the season's vibrant spirit.


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