Beat the Heat With These Top 10 Refreshing Backyard Water Activities
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Beat the Heat With These Top 10 Refreshing Backyard Water Activities

Summer is the season of long, sun-drenched days, barbecues, and lazy afternoons spent basking in that long-awaited warmth. But as the days get hotter, we can almost find ourselves reminiscing about winter’s chilly embrace. Before you go rushing into the A/C, take a look at our list of backyard water activities. With ten different ideas, you’re sure to find something that works for you.


So, get out and have some fun! Just be sure to stay safe in the heat. Drink plenty of water and wear your sunscreen.


1. Make Chores Fun


Kids helping wash the car


We’ve all heard it before: the infamous summer chorus of “I’m bored!” echoing through the house. If your kids are looking for something to do, you might as well try suggesting a productive option.


Car Wash Extravaganza: Grab some buckets, sponges, and soap, and turn your car-washing routine into a splash-filled activity. Transform your driveway into a makeshift car wash station and let the kids have fun with it. Don’t be afraid of some splashing here and there.


Window Art and Water Play: When it’s time to wash those windows, enlist the little artists of the house. Hand them spray bottles filled with water and let them create beautiful window art as they help with the cleaning process. It’s a win-win situation – clean windows and mini masterpieces!


2. Backyard Water Park


Kid enjoying a DIY slip and slide


What’s a great, refreshing reward for a hard day’s work cleaning up outside? A trip to the water park, of course!


But there’s no need to buy tickets, pack up the car, and make the drive. Just bring the thrills into your own backyard. Transform your outdoor space with these backyard water activities.


Poolside Splash and Slide: Make the most of your pool by placing the Signature Slide on the ledge. Kids will have a lot of fun sliding into the shallow water and splashing around in between turns.


DIY Water Slide:Don’t have a pool? Head to the lawn! Unleash your creativity and engineering skills by crafting your very own water slide. All you need is a long piece of plastic, a bit of soap, and water.


3. Create a Backyard Beach


Couple playing volleyball in the pool


Maybe water parks aren’t your thing. Instead, you can create a backyard beach through your outdoor design and even enjoy some of your favorite refreshing beach activities.


Water Volleyball: It’s not quite the same as beach volleyball, but it can actually be even more refreshing. Set up a net inside the pool. Dive, spike, and splash as you and your family engage in some friendly competition under the sun.


Paddleboarding Pool Adventure: Got a paddleboard? Take it for a spin in your pool. Balance and glide on the water’s surface without having to worry about being knocked down by waves.


4. Bring Board Games Into the Pool


Kid and woman playing tic tac toe at the side of the pool


Looking for something a bit closer to home? Why not bring out the board games for some classic family fun? By taking them into the pool, you can stay cool and refreshed while playing.


Now, we’re not talking about Monopoly here. While not a typical choice for backyard water activities, there are plenty of fun games that are designed to be able to get wet. For example, you might take our checkers and tic tac toe board poolside. With this versatile two-in-one game board placed on the pool ledge, you and your family can have fun all day long.


If checkers and tic tac toe aren’t your thing, there’s also ring toss,cornhole,washers,ping pong,giant dominoes, or giant four-in-a-row for the yard. With so many poolside and yard games available, you’re sure to find something for fun outside.


5. Test Those Swimming Skills


Friends having a cannoball competition in the pool


If you’d like to be more active while enjoying your pool, you could do that too. Enjoy getting some exercise while also cooling off with these in-pool competitions.


Sharks and Minnows: Choose one player to be the “shark” while the rest are “minnows.” The minnows swim across the pool, and the shark tries to tag them. Once tagged, minnows become sharks, and the game continues until there is only one minnow remaining. It’s a heart-pounding race that showcases speed, agility, and strategic swimming.


Underwater Treasure Hunt: Dive beneath the surface and embark on an underwater treasure hunt. Toss a variety of safe and waterproof objects into the pool, and challenge participants to find the most treasure. 


Poolside Relay Races: Divide into teams and set up relay races along the pool’s edge. Whether it’s freestyle, backstroke, or your own favorite swim style, relay races promote friendly competition while strengthening swimming technique.


Cannonball Contest: Who can make the biggest splash? This lighthearted activity is exactly the kind of competition everyone can get involved in.


Make sure to rest in between swimming competitions. Short breaks can be essential not just for keeping the energy up, but also for ensuring everyone stays safe in the swimming pool.


6. Battle It Out


Kids playing with water balloons


You don’t need a pool for backyard water activities! If you’ve got a competitive streak and a love for water, why not turn your backyard into a battleground of fun and refreshing challenges?


Water Gun Showdown: Arm yourself with water guns and prepare for a high-energy water gun showdown. Strategize, dodge, and aim as you soak your opponents with bursts of refreshing water.


Water Balloon Frenzy: Fill up those water balloons and get ready for an explosive water balloon frenzy. Test your accuracy and agility as you launch and dodge water balloons in this exciting game.


7. Rest and Relax Poolside


Woman lounging on a Signature Chaise in the pool


When the heat becomes too much to handle, take a break from the active games and challenges and indulge in serene moments of rest and relaxation right in your own refreshing pool oasis.


>Lay Out on an In-Pool Chaise Lounger: Transform your pool into a haven of comfort with a couple of in-pool chaise loungers on the pool ledge. Lay back and feel the cool water lap against your skin. You’ll still be able to soak up some sun while comfortably enjoying the pool’s refreshing tranquility.


Drift Away on a Pool Float: Grab a Laze Pillow or Laze Hammock and let yourself drift gently on the water’s surface. Close your eyes, listen to the summer sounds, and enjoy the soothing sensation of floating across the pool’s surface.


8. Enjoy Some Sips and Snacks By The Pool


Charcuterie board and wine glasses on in-pool side table


While you’re indulging in moments of relaxation and tranquility by the poolside, why not elevate the experience even further with some refreshing drinks and tasty treats? Making these can be a fun activity all their own!


DIY Popsicles: Beat the heat with homemade popsicles that are as delightful to make as they are to savor. Blend your favorite fruits, juices, or even yogurt, and pour them into popsicle molds. Let them freeze, and soon you’ll have a colorful array of icy treats to enjoy poolside.


Cocktails or Mocktails:Embrace the essence of summer with a selection of refreshing beverages. Mix up your favorite cocktails or create mocktail versions for a non-alcoholic twist. From fruity sangrias to zesty margaritas, these thirst-quenching concoctions will keep you cool and in high spirits.


Summer Charcuterie Board: Elevate your poolside snacking with a beautifully arranged summer charcuterie board. Pile on a variety of fresh fruits, cheeses, cured meats, nuts, and crackers. The combination of flavors and textures will delight your palate and provide a satisfyingly sophisticated poolside treat.


9. Throw a Pool Party


Friends hanging out at a swim-up bar


Why keep all the relaxation, fun, and delectable treats to yourself? It’s time to turn your backyard oasis into the ultimate destination for a refreshing pool party. Invite your friends and family to join in and create unforgettable memories that will be talked about long after summer has faded.


Need some help getting the festivities started? Include the following in your pool party for even more fun:


Swim Up Bar: Set up an in-pool bar with some stylish barstools for a chic and convenient way to enjoy drinks and snacks while staying cool in the water. Let your guests savor chilled cocktails without ever having to leave the pool.


Musical Ambiance:Enhance the atmosphere with your favorite tunes playing in the background. A carefully curated playlist can set the mood, add energy to the party, and keep the good times rolling.


Water-Friendly Games: Give everyone a good time with water-friendly games and activities. From pool volleyball to relay races, games can add an element of friendly competition and more fun to the festivities.


Poolside Seating: Ensure your guests have ample space to relax and unwind by providing comfortable poolside seating and lounging options. Whether it’s loungers chairs, or floats, everyone should have a spot to sit back and enjoy the pool’s refreshing atmosphere.


10. Enjoy Entertainment From the Comfort of Your Pool


Mainstay bar credenza with a TV


With a large projection screen or outdoor TV set up near the pool, you won’t even need to leave the water for an entertaining evening. Just put on a favorite movie, take your seat, and settle in for a relaxing and refreshing outdoor movie night. This final entry to our list of top ten outdoor water activities is sure to delight family members of all ages.


Keep Enjoying Your Time Outside All Year Long


We hope these backyard water activities help to provide a refreshing escape from the scorching heat, so you can continue to enjoy spending time outdoors all year long. Be sure to rest and stay hydrated while you have fun in the sun.


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