Add a Bit of Coastal Charm to Your Life With These Beach Backyard Ideas
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Add a Bit of Coastal Charm to Your Life With These Beach Backyard Ideas

It’s so nice to spend the summer with your toes in the sand, watching waves crash onto the shore. Home just can’t compare to that stay at an oceanfront resort. If you can’t wait to get back to the beach, why not bring some of that coastal charm back into your own backyard?


The best part about creating a backyard beach is that it’ll be there to enjoy long past the end of summer. While you won’t have the ocean and suntanning won’t be the same, the fun of beach vacations can still continue. Extend the summer vibes into the rest of the year by adding coastal charm to your outdoor design. Use these beach backyard ideas to get started.


Bring the Beach to Life Through Design Choices


There’s just something about the atmosphere when you’re by the beach. You can’t package up the sea breeze for your return home. It is however, possible to recreate some of that coastal charm through the plants you add to the garden, the colors you choose, and the themes you incorporate into decor. Many beach backyard ideas revolve around the direction you take your decor. Through design choices, you can make your yard look like a beach.


Beach Foliage


Grow Feelings of Beachy Bliss with Fitting Foliage


Not every plant can survive on sandy shores, so the ones that thrive really stand out. Similar plant life in your outdoor space can bring back beach memories each time you step out the back door. Create a garden using lava rocks or beach sand and grow some beachy plants. The right grasses, flowers, and trees can all make for excellent beach garden options.


Backyard Beach Gardening Suggestions:


- American Beachgrass

- Beach Saltbush

- Sea Oats

- Palm Trees

- Gaillardia

- Sea Pink


Let Charming Coastal Designs Be Your Inspiration


There are probably a few other aesthetic items that catch your attention when you’re near a beach. Think of the last time you took a trip to a coastal town. Were there any common themes in the decor you saw along the strand, at restaurants, or in gift shops?


Every beach town has its own unique look, but there are many common decor themes that could inspire your backyard design to look more like a beach.


The seashells found along those long stretches of sand, for example, are often collected and used as decorations. You can get creative in your decorating with a project like seashell string lights, or you could keep things simple and scatter the shells along the ground as part of the landscaping.


Some other decor ideas for a coastal backyard include: driftwood, anchors, and ropes. If you’re feeling crafty, you might consider building something with driftwood or creating a decoration with sea glass.




DIY projects are not necessary for bringing the beach to your backyard though. A trip to the beach is often a simple affair with the only elements in sight being the drink in your hand, the sides of your cabana, and the sand and water. Without constructing a beach cabana, you can capture that same stylish moment with an umbrella and a couple of chairs or even with our Charming Cabana Laze Pillow. It could make for the perfect spot during those laze-y days in your backyard beach!


Autograph Chairs with Autograph Umbrella Stand Backyard


Bring the Fun of the Beach Back Home


There’s more to the beach than just its beauty. Part of the charm of taking a trip to the coast is getting to participate in activities that you otherwise wouldn’t. We don’t normally spend much time in our backyards building sandcastles, playing beach volleyball, or swimming around in salt water. But you can take some of that fun home.


These backyard beach ideas will make your time in the backyard as exciting as a trip to the beach.


Playing Ping Pong


Enjoy Outdoor Competition


Beach time can sometimes be serious business, especially if your family has a competitive spirit. Luckily, if a rematch is needed, the next champion can claim their prize on your own home turf. If you already have sand as part of your landscaping, your tournaments won’t even feel too far off from those you enjoy at the beach.


Even in a grassy backyard, it’s easy to bring on the beachy vibes with a little volleyball fun. Setting up a net for backyard volleyball is a simple enough process. You can get it all ready to go and have time for playing some ball that very afternoon.


If you ever feel like mixing things up on game day, you could pull out the cornhole boards or head to the ping pong table.


Trade Watching the Waves for Chilling Poolside


When you’re at the beach, you don’t even need to do anything to have a good time. Maybe you just quickly dip your toes into the ocean before leaning back on a lounge chair and appreciating the cool feel of the sea breeze drifting through. You find a peaceful paradise.


Find the same sort of peace in your own backyard, without the sand in your shoes or the squawking seagulls. You can even keep salt water as part of the experience. Saltwater pools have grown significantly year after year for the last decade. Enjoy the luxury of lounging on an in-pool chaise, whether you have a saltwater or traditionally-chlorinated pool.


Don’t have a pool? You can still create your own private oasis. Spend your days in your beach backyard napping in a hammock or relaxing in a shift daybed


Echo Daybed with Cantilever


Life’s a Beach With Your New Backyard


See how simple it can be to bring the beach to your backyard? With just a few little outdoor design projects, you can add a lot of coastal charm to your everyday life.


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