The Ultimate Outdoor Design Guide to Help You Create a Beautiful Backyard
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The Ultimate Outdoor Design Guide to Help You Create a Beautiful Backyard

While the interiors of our homes often get most of the attention, the importance of outdoor design cannot be overlooked. Research has found that spending time outside provides many significant benefits to both health and happiness. With a well-designed outdoor space, you can boost your mood just by heading out, breathing in the fresh air, and soaking up the sun. This outdoor design guide is here to help guide you toward that ideal outdoor space. 

It’s not only about having a beautiful backyard.

Sure, make it stylish, but keep the focus on creating a fully-functional outdoor living area.
Family around Ledge Loungers outdoor dining table
With the right design, you can easily transform your backyard into the perfect place for outdoor entertaining. Bring out a grill and dining set and you’re ready for a BBQ or al-fresco dinner party. Set up some lawn games for fun under the sun. Or get a movie screen and projector and host a movie night under the stars.
Woman in bikini lounging on outdoor sectional

Of course, you don’t need to have company to enjoy the outdoors. Design the space with your personal enjoyment in mind and step out whenever you need a break to garden, birdwatch, read, or relax.

By putting in the time to create your outdoors, you’ll be able to get the most out of this space. Follow this outdoor design guide and bring your outdoor oasis to life!

Is a Backyard Renovation Worth It?

People with yellow hard hats renovating backyard

The time, effort, and cost that go into a full-scale backyard design project may cause some hesitation. While a backyard renovation may require a large investment, the value it adds is immeasurable. Not only can it make your home worth more, but it will also add to your life. 


Put in that swimming pool. 

Transform your backyard with luxurious landscaping. 

Add some new furniture to the patio.

In the end, you aren’t just renovating your backyard. You’re investing in the moments made in the backyard. From pool parties to relaxing evenings around the dining table, your new outdoor space will be home to memories that will last a lifetime.

Outdoor Design Ideas: Everything You Need to Know to Get It Right

Overhead shot of backyard pool and patio with Ledge Lounger products

From the layout to the furniture, plants, and so much more, it may seem like a lot. But a project like this is much more obtainable than you may imagine. And, in the end, you’ll have a space that’s exactly what you want. 

Nothing should get in your way of bringing your outdoor oasis to life. No matter the size, shape, or features found in your backyard, there is a way to optimize your outdoor design. And this outdoor design guide covers it.

Don’t Allow Any Obstacles to Stand in the Way of Your Dream Backyard

Every outdoor space comes with its own set of challenges. Whether it’s a smaller amount of yard space or a tree in an awkward spot, you might feel limited by what you have to work with.

With a little bit of creativity though, you’re sure to find ways to overcome any obstacles in the way of your dream backyard.

What’s standing in your way?

A Layout You Don’t Love

Two chairs on gravel in a small backyard

Every backyard is built a little bit differently.  Regardless of size and shape though, there are ways to make your backyard the best that it can be.

Make the most of a smaller space by keeping the furniture on a smaller scale. At the same time, don’t overlook the land that is there. Even that sliver at the side of the house can make a suitable home for a small bench or a bistro table for two. 

Large pool with water features and Ledge Lounger products in the water

If, on the other hand, you have some awkward spaces that aren’t suitable for a seat, consider the common trick of filling them with foliage.

Or, maybe it’s not a small, awkward area that you’re working with. Maybe it’s a massive blank canvas that seems like a challenge to fill. Get the most out of a large, empty spot by adding in a sculpture, water feature, or gazebo.

These larger items can become the central focus for the rest of your design.

Difficult Environmental Factors

Adirondack chair and ottoman on a patio

When designing an outdoor space, you must contend with the outdoor elements. Depending on the region, these can include varying temperatures, sunlight, rain, and more.

Each one of these elements can pose a threat to your outdoor furniture, depending on what they’re made of. Metal components are susceptible to rust. Wicker will break down over time and synthetic wicker may last a bit longer, but not by much. Wood furniture also withers, splinters, and requires a lot of maintenance to stay in good shape outside. 

Installing a roof over the patio is one great way to keep your furniture safely in the shade and out of the rain. However, a better solution may be to invest in weather-proof furniture. Our UV-resistant in-pool and outdoor furniture doesn’t lose its strength, nor the vibrancy of its colors, in the sun. 

Rust-resistant furniture is also a must. Even just some exposed metal hardware could be enough to keep a piece of furniture from standing the test of time and elements. You don’t want to have to worry about a bit of rain ruining your carefully-crafted backyard design.

Couple drinking wine in front of outdoor fireplace

Of course, you could also install a patio roof for your own self, to protect your time outside from the occasional rain shower and the sunlight. You could even install an overhead fan to blow away some of the summer heat.

And then continue to enjoy the outdoors after temperatures drop with a few additions to your outdoor design. Add heaters, a fire pit, or even a hot tub to the backyard to stay warm and cozy throughout the colder months.

Incorporating a Pool Into Your Plans

Two Ledge Lounger Autograph Chairs and side table on a pool ledge

From splashing under the summer sun to embracing relaxation on the ledge, there is so much that you can do with your pool. First though, you’ll need to create that poolside paradise.

Rather than designing around the pool, we recommend making it a part of your plans from the very beginning.

Get furniture that is made for the pool environment. Our high-quality pool furniture is built to handle pool chemicals, including chlorine and saltwater.
Set up a poolside seat that’s made for the water. Whether you add in an in pool chaise lounge or an in water pool chair, you’ll be soaking up the sun in style for years to come. 
Ledge Lounger products in pool with plants around it

Poolside plants are another aspect of designing a backyard with a pool.

No matter what you plant, you need to be careful about chlorinated water seeping into the soil. With proper drainage and a bit of distance between the pool edge and the garden though, your plants will be fine.

Just make sure to avoid plants that may shed a lot of leaves into your water.

Keeping these pool design tips in mind, you can make the most of your pool and create a cohesive and functional outdoor space.

Add Style to Your Outdoor Space

As you can see, there’s nothing that has to stop you from an incredible outdoor design. Stick to the plan and then just add in some of your own signature style to see your vision come to life before your eyes.

Work on finding furniture that fits your vision, add accessories, and decorate with a common color palette or overall theme in mind.

Find the Right Furniture

Ledge Lounger dining table, chairs, and umbrella on patio

There are a lot of different factors that go into choosing the right furniture. 

You need the right items for the job, whether that’s a dining set for enjoying meals outside, a few adirondacks for relaxing afternoons, or a storage bin to keep things organized.

To make the right choices, you need to consider sizing and comfort, but a look you love is also important. As you make furnishing choices, keep your vision in mind.

Choose Your Colors

Ledge Loungers barstools, chaises, and side table in pool

Colors are one of the easiest ways to create a cohesive outdoor space.

While the natural landscape of your backyard will play a role, you can affect the space by choosing the colors of your furniture and accessories. Consider the sort of feeling you want to evoke with your color choices.

Blues and greens can create a calming, relaxing ambiance while yellows and oranges can make your patio pop with excitement, warmth, and radiating energy.

Stick to a Theme

Chaises and side table on pool ledge, with lounge chairs, side table, and umbrella on patio next to pool

You might also bring everything together by orienting your design choices around a certain theme. Whether you want to create a jungle oasis or a beach backyard, the right design choices can completely transform your space. 

Just make sure everything stays in that theme, from the plant life to the decor and fabric selections. 

Change It Up

Ledge Lounger chaise with cushion on patio

Of course, you’ll always be able to change the style of your outdoor space.

Every season offers something a little different. Maybe you’ll want to add in some more earthy tones during the fall before going back to vibrant colors in the summer. If so, you could rotate between two to three different sets of cushions and pillows, each with a different style to fit the season. Change up your accessories around the same time that you transition the look of your landscaping.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up at a moment’s notice either. If a new trend gets you inspired, run with it. It may be just what you need for a refreshing outdoor look that you love.

Design to Accommodate Your Own Outdoor Life

Crucially, your backyard is home to your outdoor life. An outdoor design project is your opportunity to create a place where all your favorite outdoor activities are possible. 

If you get stuck on your design, you may need to picture yourself enjoying some outdoor moments. 

Do you see yourself hosting a backyard BBQ, gathered around the grill with all your close friends and family?
Two couples around grill having backyard barbecue

Maybe you look forward to hosting a movie night, laying out on the lawn with a favorite film playing?

Backyard at dusk with ottoman, fire pit, and movie projection

Or you might envision game days full of energy and excitement as you battle it on with cornhole, ping pong, and other lawn games.

Three people playing cornhole in backyard, with two Ledge Loungers Mainstay Adirondack Tall Chairs nearby

Whatever you envision for your ideal outdoor life, you can make it happen. Of course, making room for these different activities could require you to create a whole new space.

Design an outdoor living room with comfortable seating and a coffee table and gather the whole family here.

Ottoman with cushions and coffee table on backyard deck

Level up your al-fresco dining experiences with an outdoor kitchen and space for a table and chairs on the patio.

Backyard kitchen with barstools at counter

Or add an outdoor office for work-from-home days in the open air.
Woman sitting on Ledge Lounger in-pool chaise, working on laptop placed on in-pool side table

You, not this outdoor design guide, are the one that gets to make the decisions when it comes to your dream backyard. Whatever your preferences for your outdoor space, you can bring them to life. 

How to Design Your Backyard Space: A Step-by-Step Guide

From planning the project to achieving the final results and all the steps in between, you have a lot of work in front of you, but it’s obtainable in small steps. A backyard renovation can be a long and complicated process. However, with this outdoor design guide, you truly can bring your dream backyard to life.

Remember, you can do it if you just take it one step at a time:

  1. Decide on your vision and goals for the space.
  2. Consider any obstacles you may have to overcome, including weather conditions.
  3. Take measurements.
  4. Figure out how to fit your vision into the space you have to work with
  5. Make a plan for your backyard design and get it down on paper.
  6. Add furniture and accessories to create a space that’s just right for you.
Checking all these things off the list really shouldn’t be a problem. Soon enough, you’ll have a beautiful backyard that you can be proud of.

We Are Here to Help You With Outdoor Design

Besides this outdoor design guide, our blog is full of many helpful outdoor design tips to help you create the backyard of your dreams.

If you still need some more support, feel free to get in touch with us about free design services. We have a team of outdoor design professionals ready to help you with their expertise. Just let us know what you need!

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