Your Guide to Finding Your Dream Backyard
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Your Guide to Finding Your Dream Backyard

Your big, empty yard is brimming with possibilities and the decisions are all in your hands. If you’re struggling with determining what you want for your outdoor design, you’re in the right place.

This is your guide to discovering what you desire in an outdoor space. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks makes for a perfect backyard. This is your space, and it should be the place where your dreams come to life.

Let Loose and Allow Yourself to Embrace All the Possibilities

Women at desk holding pencil and looking at blueprints with color swatches nearby

Stop wondering what other people do with their backyards. You don’t want to limit yourself to what seems to be popular or what others tell you to do. Don’t even let the current conditions of your yard stifle your creativity. If there turns out to be an obstacle in the way of realizing your dream backyard, it can be dealt with later. First, free your mind from those constraints.

Ask yourself: “What do I want in my backyard?” When you think of a perfect outdoor retreat, what comes to mind? Do you think of a pool and decked-out patio, a large lawn for kids to play and plants to grow, a grill and dining area for al-fresco dining, or comfortable seating options near a fire pit or with a view of the TV?

It may not be immediately obvious how you’d fit it into your current backyard, but now you know what you most desire. Some of those dream backyard ideas may be possible in the space you have.

Imagine Yourself Using Your Space and Narrow Into What You Most Want

Ledge Lounger Bar Credenza with TV, sectionals, and coffee table under pergola

That perfect outdoor life, or something close to it, is possible within your own backyard. Go on and take a look now. No, it’s not there yet, but can you see the possibilities? Can you imagine those perfect poolside days out here, a playground over there, or cozy winter nights under blankets in that little area?

If it seems difficult to see it all coming to life, you may need to prioritize. Most backyards can not actually include everything under the sun. You’ll have to narrow in on what’s most important for you to have in an outdoor space.

Take another moment and snap a mental selfie. That natural light looks good on you because your best side is outside. Consider swimming a prominent part of the fun? A pool may be the must-have around which you should center your plans. Is food what brings your family together? Maybe an outdoor kitchen that goes beyond the basics for grilling season is ideal. Planning to host lots of parties in the backyard? Focus on having a little something for everyone.

You may not be able to have it all, but you can ensure your backyard includes what’s most important.

Find Opportunities in the Specifics of Your Space

Dog walking on deck next to pool

It may seem like your options for improving the backyard are limited when you have a small or oddly-shaped backyard. While you could see the specifics of your space as restrictions to reaching your dream, there is another perspective. 

Instead of looking at size, shape, permanent features, and climate as problematic circumstances, you can see them as extra inspiration for dream backyard ideas.

A small yard can still hold a lot of big possibilities and the limited space may just push you towards more interesting innovation. An oddly-shaped yard is unique and you may even want to embrace that in your design. Living in a hot climate may merely be the encouragement you need to build a roofed deck or add in a pool for cooling off. 

Put It All Together to Visualize Your Dream Backyard

Whatever sort of space you have to work with, you’re sure to be able to turn it into something truly beautiful. Best of all, the outdoor space that you design will be uniquely yours – incorporating all the elements of your ideal outdoor life. It will be the backyard of your dreams and not those of anyone else. 

Now Let’s Turn that Dream Into a Reality

From start to finish, there’s a lot that goes into an outdoor living space project. Now that you know which changes you want to make, achieving that perfect backyard may finally feel within reach.
If planning is not really your thing though, you may need a lending hand to help you get there. Our free professional design services can help you bring your dream backyard ideas to life. From taking measurements and ordering items to putting everything into place, our design specialist team will guide you through the entire process.

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