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Which Outdoor Chair Fits Me? How to Find Outdoor Seating That’s Right for Your Space

How do you spend most of your time in your outdoor space? For many of us, a day outside starts by pulling out a chair, but which is the right chair for you? If you’re wondering, “which outdoor chair fits me?” this article will help you find the answer.


You’ll need to consider your specific style preferences, the amount of space you have available outside, and the type of seating you will find most comfortable. Once you’ve looked into each of these elements, you should have no problem finding the right outdoor seating for you.


Match the Style of Your Outdoor Space


Two Ledge Lounger Autograph Chairs with headrest pillows


By designing your backyard, you get to create an outdoor look that you love. This includes selecting outdoor seating that suits your style.


Whatever look you’d like for your backyard, you can find an outdoor seat that matches your style. Extend the luxurious atmosphere of the pool ledge onto the patio with an Autograph Chair. Or, consider seating from the Echo, Mainstay, Affinity, or Legacy collections.


Ensure your new seating fits your style with your color choice. Select a solid shade or go with a woodgrain look, and then pick your favorite fabric color for the cushions. You might choose a Mainstay Adirondack Rocker with a woodgrain resin for your cottage-inspired space. Or, pick out a cushion color like Pacific, Aruba, or Turquoise Stripe. Reminiscent of the ocean’s blue hue, this might well match the theme of a beach backyard.


Consider the Amount of Space Available for Outdoor Seating


Of course, before bringing any new piece of furniture home to the backyard, you need to be sure you have the space. You may envision stretching out for some sunbathing, but if your yard is small, that sunbed isn’t going to fit. This doesn’t mean that you have to size down your dreams though. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to be able to find outdoor seating that fits both you and your space.


How Do You Pick the Right Size Patio Furniture?


Ledge Lounger Mainstay Relaxed Ottoman with round coffee table on deck


Before anything else, you should measure your patio’s perimeter and size up any elements that are already taking up space outside.


A larger space will give you the room you need for a comfortable seating area.


Also consider not only the overall amount of space, but also the shape that it takes. With a long length of porch, you can set out a whole row of chairs. If you have a larger area to work with, you might create a whole outdoor living area. Set up the Mainstay sectional to fit the dimensions of your patio.


Keep in mind that you don’t want your new furniture to completely fill up the space outside. You should still have room to walk around and participate in activities that don’t require taking a seat. Ideally, this means including around 24”- 48” of space for walking around the seating area.


Find the Right Fit for You and Your Comfort


Two men lay back on Ledge Lounger Adirondack Chairs, one with their feet up on an ottoman, with a tennis racket and balls around them


Beyond simply looking good, a seat needs to feel good. That’s why it’s so important to answer the question of “which outdoor chair fits me?”


In general, certain options may be more ergonomic than others. However, we’re all a little bit different and everyone has their own personal preferences. Before choosing outdoor seating, consider:


Size: While you don’t want to feel squished in your seat, a chair that’s too large may be uncomfortable for young children or smaller-sized people.


Height: You neither want to feel like you’re practically sitting on the floor nor have your feet hanging down off the edge of your seat. 


Preferred Sitting Position: You might want a deep cushion so you can sink into your seat, or you may prefer sitting upright.


Our Mainstay Adirondack is available in two different sizes, so everyone can find the one that fits them just right. The Adirondack Regular pulls you in with its timeless charm and allows a relaxed posture. The Adirondack Fit is built with smaller dimensions, giving you a more snug fit and the ability to take a more upright position.


Graphic with dimensions of Ledge Lounger Mainstay Adirondack Chair Regular and Fit versions


Create the Ideal Outdoor Living Space with Comfortable and Stylish Seating Options


Just like Goldilocks, you won’t find every seat to be the perfect fit for you, but eventually, you may just find the one that’s “just right.” for your outdoor space.


Ready to make your choice?


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