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The Complete Checklist to Help You Plan Your Backyard Renovation Project

From start to finish, a lot of time and energy goes into a backyard design project. What are all the steps to a backyard renovation? To start, you need to decide what you want. Then you’ll need to take measurements, create a layout, and bring your vision into reality. Each little step you take will bring you closer to that beautiful backyard.


This checklist makes knowing your place on the project completion timeline easy. Stay on track by following along. When it comes time to wrap up your outdoor design project, you’ll know you’ve completed every single step.


Discover Your Dream Backyard


Your dream backyard is for you to decide, so dream big! At the start, you have nearly limitless options. Narrow things down to the heart of what you’re looking for by asking yourself some questions:


  • What have I always wanted to have in my outdoor space?
  • What would make my current backyard even better?
  • How do I plan to use this space?
  • What activities do I most enjoy doing outside?
  • What could I not live without having in my backyard?


Once you’ve got your answers and know what you want, you’ve got your direction to go in.


Visualized the Ideal Outdoor Space


You considered all the possibilities and honed in on the backyard of your dreams. You know what you want and now it’s time to start planning how to bring this vision to life.


woman drawing in a journal in business attire


Plan the Project


When it comes to an outdoor design project, planning is essential. It prevents mistakes, like ordering a sofa in the wrong size or shape for your space.


There are a lot of details that you have to get just right if you want this project to be a success. It may seem like too much, but, planning for all the possibilities is so worth the results it will lead to. You don’t want to miss a single step of the outdoor design planning process.


Studied the Space


You studied your space. Knowing what you’ve got to work with, there should be no surprises when it comes time to change things up.


Took Measurements


You measured your yard, patio, pool ledge, and every other space that’s going to be part of your design.


This information will help you order items of the correct size.


Created a Layout


You considered all the best ways to arrange your furniture around the backyard and sketched your layout. 


This will guide your next steps.


Ordered Products


You got to shopping, selecting only the best furniture and accessories for the backyard of your dreams.


Finalize the Project


Your work outside is not done until everything is in place and set up just the way you want. 


When your furniture arrives, follow along with any installation instructions. Most Ledge products are very easy to install. When installing our in-pool furniture, you simply fill the product with pool water, seal it up, and place it on the ledge. Some products, such as the Legacy Sofa and the Mainstay Adirondack, do require you to put some pieces in place, but assembly shouldn’t take too long.


After a few short moments, you’ll be relaxing and enjoying your outdoor oasis.


Assembled and Installed Products


You put all the pieces together and got your products ready to go.


a yellow drill being used to assemble furniture


Earlier in the backyard renovation planning process, you decided on where everything will go. Now that your furniture has arrived and been assembled, it’s time to put it all in place. As you follow along with your planned layout, things may not fit together exactly as you imagined. Tweak the arrangement if necessary to make your outdoor living space as comfortable as possible.


Now that the furniture is there in front of you, you should have no trouble imagining yourself in this outdoor space. Consider how you will be interacting with these items on a routine basis. Make sure to build pathways into the arrangement so that you can get around easily. 


arial view of a backyard with in ground pool and outdoor furniture


Since you’re outside, make sure to also consider the sun and shade. Electronics like the TV will have to be kept covered so that they’re protected from rain.  You, however, may love to soak up the sun during your relaxation time. As the sun moves across the sky, different parts of your backyard will receive sunlight. Be sure to consider which hours you’re most likely to spend outside so you can find the perfect sunny spot for your lounge chair.


Putting comfort and convenience first, you can create a space that isn’t just stylish, but also functional for your daily life.


Arranged Items According to Layout


You put everything in its perfect place for a fully-furnished outdoor living space. It looks great and will be enjoyed every time you come outside.


In the end, it is often the details that make the biggest difference. When you’re sitting outside, things like the soft sound of windchimes, the sudden appearance of a new feathered friend, or the fragrance of the blossoming orange trees are what can really make the moment memorable. 


Get those details of your outdoor experience just right during this final step in the backyard renovation plan. Accessorize according to your style and taste. Before you wrap things up, really make this space your own.


Styled the Space with Finishing Touches


You took your design to the next level by paying attention to the details, taking care to make just the right selections for a more stylish backyard.


outdoor sofa with red patterned pillows


Ensure You Have Everything You Wanted


Your backyard renovation is now complete – that is, as long as you’re satisfied with it. This is your outdoor space and you will hopefully be enjoying quite a lot of time here, so you don’t want it to leave any boxes unchecked.


Has a Look I Love


You’ve designed a stylish outdoor space that is sure to impress. Everything looks just right.


Allows for All the Activities I Enjoy


You created the perfect space for doing the things you enjoy, whether that’s entertaining friends and family, relaxing, or playing games.


Still Have Some Items to Check Off the List?


Let’s get that dream backyard checked off your list for you! Whatever step you’re stuck on, our outdoor design professionals can get you past it. They are ready to help guide you through to the realization of your dream backyard. All you have to do to get started is schedule your free design consultation.


Get Help From Our Team of Design Service Professionals

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