Spring Break in the Backyard? Five Fun Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained
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Spring Break in the Backyard? Five Fun Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained

Spring break is quickly approaching and you don’t have any plans. Your kids are celebrating the week off from school. You, however, are scratching your head, wondering what to do to keep them occupied. If you’re looking for some screen-free spring break ideas that will keep you and the family in the moment, we’ve got you covered with suggestions for a spring break in the backyard.


1. Embrace the Season

Two children and an adult pruning a plant in the backyard


Spring has finally sprung! Show the kids that there’s more to get excited about than the time away from school. This is a season of transformation, as new life sprouts in our gardens and feathered friends return to our skies. And you can actually contribute to what makes spring so special.


Spend your spring break in the backyard getting your hands dirty with nature-related activities. You could literally dig down into the soil to plant your own backyard garden. Or, you could get crafty by building a birdhouse or bird feeder. Besides keeping the kids entertained, these activities offer the reward of seeing hard work pay off. You’ll know your spring break was well-spent when you see flowers blooming or birds coming by for a visit.


2. Have Fun and Play Together


One adult and three children playing cornhole in a backyard


Playtime is probably exactly what your kids had in mind when they were in class, daydreaming about spring break. So, get out there and join them!


Spring break in the backyard should be fun for the whole family. See who can get their kite to fly highest in the sky or challenge each other in a cornhole competition.


As spring brings warmer weather, you might even start putting on those swimsuits. Get out the water guns, run through the sprinklers, or splash right into the pool.


3. Start an Outdoor Project


Child wearing gloves hammering in a treehouse


Instead of competing to be the champion of outdoor games, you might instead work together as a team. Spend spring break building a treehouse or taking on another outdoor project. You’ll create lasting memories, which is something to be proud of, no matter how things wind up with your project.


4. Try Some Outdoor Art


Adult and child drawing with chalk on a patio


You can still be creative without committing your time and energy to a huge endeavor. Even something as simple as sidewalk chalk could be the fun activity that gets your kids away from their screens.


For a real artistic challenge, you could limit the art supplies to only what your kids can find in the backyard. See what they can come up with for a nature collage – an art piece made of materials like leaves, flowers, and sticks.


5. Spend Even More of Your Spring Outside


Family of two adults and two children having a picnic on the grass


The most important part about spring break in the backyard is making more memories outside, and there are many ways to do that. For example, you could make mealtimes more meaningful by having a picnic. Whether you create an elaborate charcuterie board or keep it simple with sandwiches, just having that time together is something to savor.


For even more family bonding this spring break, you could even go camping. If your kids are first-time campers, the backyard is a great place to get them started. You’ll get to practice pitching a tent and starting a fire. Yet, the house will still be available for restroom breaks.


Enjoy Your Outdoor Space This Spring Break and Beyond


There are so many things you can do to get the most out of a spring break in the backyard. But why stop there?


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