6 Great Gifts for Outdoor Entertaining: Your Guide to Holiday Shopping for a Backyard Host in 2022
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6 Great Gifts for Outdoor Entertaining: Your Guide to Holiday Shopping for a Backyard Host in 2022

The holiday season is full of fun events that allow us to enjoy the company of our family and friends. There’s Thanksgiving Dinner, the festive holiday party, Christmas Day’s gift exchange, and the New Year Celebration. If you’re a holiday host, you may consider the smiles on your guests’ faces to be the best gift you could possibly receive. Some actual gifts might also be great, as long as you can use them for all your outdoor entertaining.
Give your friends and family the gift of more memorable backyard experiences by adding lawn games, outdoor dining essentials, and some pool party favorites to your holiday shopping list. 

1. Make Your Yard All About Fun and Games

Woman playing ping pong

Nothing makes an outdoor entertainer happier than seeing all their friends and family having a blast in their backyard. Ping Pong and Cornhole are both great game options for getting everyone into the right spirit. Your backyard guests don’t even have to be experts at the games to have a good time. They may just enjoy having a fun activity to do together.

Get a lawn game for the outdoor entertainer in your life and the fun may never end.

2. Grill Sergeant Reporting for Duty

Williams Sonoma grill tools and case

Food is an essential part of any outdoor gathering. You could always cook something up indoors and bring it out to the backyard when the guests arrive. However, grilling gets you enjoying your outdoor space even sooner. Prepare for all the backyard BBQs in your future by stocking up on the grilling essentials now.
The ALXE-56 Deluxe Grill offers backyard hosts everything they could possibly need to take their grilling to the next level. Before you can throw your meats and veggies onto that grill though, you’ll need some tools. If you’re serious about your grilling, the Williams Sonoma BBQ tool set would also be a great gift to put to use when outdoor entertaining. 

3. A Full Al Fresco Dining Setup for Shared Meals

Ledge Lounger Mainstay Dining Table and Chairs on patio

Once the food comes off the grill, you’re going to need somewhere to enjoy it. There’s no need to head back indoors. Give your guests the Al Fresco dining experience. Sitting outdoors while you share a meal lets you enjoy fresh air and good conversation at the same time.
Use outdoor dining tables and chairs as holiday gifts. Then, you’ll be able to get your outdoor dining area ready before warmer weather comes around.
The Mainstay collection includes several different dining options. You can eat on benches at a rectangular table or sit in chairs around a round table. Set up your scene for the way you like to entertain.

4. Drink to Good Times with Good Friends

Various sizes of glassware with different types of drinks in them on white background

Enjoy the occasional backyard beverage? Your outdoor space doesn’t need a full bar to enjoy some drinks with friends. All you really need is some drinkware that can handle being used outdoors, and maybe even by the pool. There are many options for gifting drinkware. The best one for you will depend on whether you prefer wine, cocktails, or lemonade. Pottery Barn’s selection of outdoor drinkware covers everything from wine and margarita glasses to a pitcher and drinking glasses for sipping on some sweet lemonade.  

5. Party in the Pool

Basket with cutting board and two glasses floating in pool water

Don’t limit the party to the patio. If set up right, you can enjoy much more than swimming in your pool. Use these holiday gifts to prepare for your first pool party of the summer.
floating buffet pool tray can keep drinks and snacks within reach while in the pool. You can even put the JBL Flip 5 Portable Waterproof Speaker on board, so there won’t be any reason to stop the music. Or if you’re a real audiophile, a pair of Turtlebox speakers can be synced for a true stereo experience. Seated on an underwater pool stool or making their way around the water on a pool pillow float, your backyard guests will have a great time sipping their beverages and singing along to the music.

6. Host Guests in the Outdoor Living Room

Ledge Lounger Mainstay Bar Credenza with cabinets open, revealing rolled up towels, throw pillows, and mini fridge inside

When it’s time to wind down, just about everyone enjoys chilling on the couch and chatting. Outdoor living rooms allow you to entertain your guests outside while enjoying the comfort of the indoors. Get all the essentials for your new backyard space as gifts for outdoor entertaining.

Gather everyone around the Mainstay Bar Credenza, where they can charge their phone, grab a drink out of the mini fridge, and turn on a movie or TV show. Give everyone a seat on the Mainstay Sectional. You can design your seating area the way you like by combining the sectional pieces. As you sit and enjoy each other’s company, backyard guests can set their drinks down on the Mainstay Coffee Table

Take Your Outdoor Entertaining to the Next Level

We hope these outdoor entertainment gift ideas help you create a great outdoor space for you and your guests. When you all get together, whether to play some games or to chill by the pool, you’re creating memories that will last. 

At Ledge, we want to help you live your best outdoor life. This includes everything from relaxing moments on the pool ledge to exciting events with all your friends and family. Consider adding our high-quality outdoor furniture into your backyard hosting plans.

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