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6 Top Family Gift Ideas That Will Help You Enjoy More Quality Time Outdoors in 2023

The holiday season is a time when everyone comes together. As the weather gets colder, you may already be looking forward to family gatherings where you’ll exchange gifts and share meals. It’s really that time spent together that makes the holiday season so magical. As you try to come up with family gift ideas, it’s important to remember that no gift box can hold anything as special as those cherished memories. To deliver meaningful gifts for your family, you may instead consider gifting experiences.


Keep the joy of the holiday season going into the new year by giving your family the gift of more quality time spent together outside. Nothing can replace a memory of the stars lighting up movie night, stacking s’mores together, or winning against Dad in a lawn games competition.


1. Next-Level Water Gun Competition


water gun fight in the woods


For some of us, quality family time means war. Flimsy water balloons and water squirters just won’t cut it. The competition is simply too intense to settle for anything less than the world’s strongest water gun. Make the Spyra water gun the weapon of choice for your fiercest family battles and take the fun to a whole new level.


2. Memorable Movie Night


popcorn being popped over an outdoor stove


Movie nights are a classic way to spend time together that, at this point, may not feel like anything special. Turn it into a meaningful gift for the family by bringing a movie projector and an outdoor movie screen into the backyard. You can even enjoy your favorite movie theater snack while outside with the Jacob Bromwell popcorn popper.


More than just watching a movie, you’ll be making memories. Long after this holiday season is over, everyone can look back fondly on the night you all got cozy on Laze Pillows and enjoyed a film in the fresh air.


3. Play by the Pool


two people enjoying a coffee with their feet in the pool


While summer is still quite some time away, it could actually be the perfect time to start getting ready for those pool days through your family gift ideas. The kids will love playing on their Signature Slide on the pool ledge. They can also enjoy it as soon as it arrives by sliding on the patio or lawn.


Of course, you should also be able to enjoy your time spent poolside. Set up your pool ledge with a pair of sun ledge chairs and an in pool umbrella stand for a perfect spot to relax and watch the kids have fun.


4. Savor S’mores in the Backyard


up close shot of smores


If your family has ever gone camping, a favorite memory may be the time spent around the campfire, roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. You don’t actually have to plan a whole camping trip to savor this tasty experience again. Instead, bring a Solo Stove into the backyard, gather some s’mores supplies, and have some fun with dessert.


Add extra flavor to this family gift by upgrading your chocolate or replacing graham crackers with cookies. Consider gifting the family a Speculoos S’mores Kit for a special treat.


5. Plan a Trip to the Water Park


people enjoying in-pool lounge chairs at Hawaiian Falls water park


After staying home for the holidays, warm and cozy together, the idea of getting out during the warmer months can be very exciting. Get everyone’s minds on the fun of sunny days spent sliding and splashing by planning your water park visit now. A summer trip can make for a good family gift idea for Christmas if you reveal where you’ll be going in a creative way. You could do a scavenger hunt of clues or homemade “tickets”.


6. Family Game Day


a dad playing cornhole with his kids


Games are a simple and easy way to make family time fun. Maybe you already have a certain day of the week or month set aside to play together as a family. If not, this might be the time to create one. If you’ve stocked up with games to play, any free day that pops up can become a game day. Board games make great gifts for family time, though you can also take game day outdoors with a favorite like ping pong or cornhole.


Enjoy the Best Gift of All: Quality Family Time


With so many family gift ideas to choose from, you’re sure to find something that you’ll all enjoy. In the end, what matters most is having that time together, connecting with each other and creating memories that will last a lifetime. If you would like to gift your family more meaningful outdoor experiences, consider the #LEDGELIFE. Our high-quality outdoor furniture will turn your backyard into the perfect place for family memories.


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