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4 Fun Outdoor Father’s Day Activities

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It’s the time of year when dads get their day to be shown extra love and appreciation from their families. Not sure how you’re going to spend Father’s Day this year? We’ve put together four outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy while celebrating the man of honor.

Fire Up the Grill

If your dad is the king of the grill, let him fire it up and grill a mean meal. A cookout in the backyard equals hours of quality family time. A home-cooked meal served outdoors with a side of sunny skies makes for the perfect Sunday honoring dad.

Have a Movie Night

Make movie night feel extra special for dad by hosting it outdoors. If you don’t have a dedicated TV and entertaining space outside, hang up a white bed sheet and play a movie on a projector in the backyard. Add some string lights, stock up on his favorite candy, and let dad pick the movie–it is his day after all.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt in the backyard is a great way to surprise dad. Hide some items around the backyard and give dad clues on where to look. Include items and clues that remind you your favorite memories with him to make the event feel extra special. Finish off the hunt by having the final clue lead to his Father’s Day gift. You can make the scavenger hunt as simple or complex as you want, all while keeping it fun for dad.

Play Yard Games

Break out the cornhole set, or any of your family’s favorite yard games to celebrate Father’s day with a little friendly competition. Turn your outdoor games into the Dad Olympics to keep the fun going and the phones away for endless laughs. If you’re feeling extra generous go easy and let dad win a game or two–we won’t tell.

Whether dad craves outdoor adventure or relaxing in the shade, make this Father’s Day a family event and let him spend the day doing something he loves with the people he loves.

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