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Top 10 Fun and Easy Ways to Celebrate Summer with Ledge

Summer is here, and it's time to soak up the sun! This season is the perfect time to relax, have fun, and create lasting memories with family and friends. With warm weather and longer days, there are countless ways to enjoy this wonderful season. Want to make the most of your summer? Here are ten easy and exciting ideas to help you celebrate summer with Ledge.


Your Guide to Fun and Creative Ways to Celebrate Summer


Whether spontaneous or planned, every summer moment promises endless enjoyment. Get started with these suggested ways to celebrate summer.


1. Host a Spectacular Pool Party with Friends and Family


Gathered around PartyPad floating table with drinks


Hosting a pool party with friends and family is one of the best ways to celebrate summer. Start by setting the scene with comfortable chaise loungers and side tables for guests to relax by the pool. These provide the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the sunshine. Add some fun and flair with colorful pool floats, making the water inviting and playful.


To elevate the experience, include the PartyPad Swim-Up Bar with barstools, for guests to enjoy refreshing drinks without leaving the pool. For decorations, consider vibrant beach balls, string lights, and tropical-themed decor to create a festive atmosphere. For refreshments, serve fruit platters, popsicles, and cool beverages to keep everyone hydrated and happy.


2. Organize a Delicious Backyard BBQ for a Fun Gathering


Rectangular Mainstay Dining Table set up for dinner


Fire up the grill and host an unforgettable backyard BBQ! Start by setting up a comfortable dining area with the Mainstay Rectangular Dining Table, paired with cozy dining chairs and a bench for extra seating. If you're hosting during the day, provide shade with a stylish umbrella to keep everyone cool and comfortable.


For the menu, consider classic BBQ recipes like juicy burgers, marinated chicken, and grilled vegetables. Don't forget to include refreshing sides like coleslaw, potato salad, and fresh fruit. Create a welcoming atmosphere with string lights, music, and fun outdoor games. Your backyard BBQ will be the highlight of the summer!


3. Create Sweet Treats Stations for a Tasty Summer Indulgence


Outdoor dining table by Ledge


Transform your backyard into a sweet treat paradise by setting up DIY stations for ice cream, popsicles, and other delicious goodies. Use the Mainstay Round Dining Table as the perfect centerpiece for your dessert spread. Start by arranging a variety of ice cream flavors and popsicles, offering something for everyone.


Provide a selection of creative toppings like sprinkles, chocolate chips, fresh fruits, and crushed cookies. For added fun, include sauces such as chocolate syrup, caramel, and strawberry topping. Decorate the table with colorful bowls, spoons, and napkins to make it visually appealing.


4. Plan a Fun-Filled Day Trip to Explore New Places


Floating on Laze Pillows on the pool


Make this summer unforgettable by planning a fun-filled day trip to explore new places! Start by picking a destination that excites you, whether it’s a nearby beach, a scenic lake, or a charming park. Research the best spots to visit and activities to do. Plan how to get there, whether it's by car, bike, or public transportation, and make sure you have all the directions and necessary information.


Pack your essentials, including the Laze Hammock, Laze Noodle, or Laze Doodle. These floating cushions are grab-and-go solutions for relaxation wherever there’s water. Bring along snacks, plenty of water, sunscreen, and a picnic blanket for a comfortable day out. Don’t forget your camera to capture the beautiful moments!


With a solid plan and smart packing, your outdoor adventures will be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Explore new places, relax by the water, and make lasting memories with family and friends.


5. Host an Outdoor Movie Night Under the Stars


Having an outdoor movie night with Laze Pillows on the lawn


Summer is the perfect time to host an outdoor movie night under the stars. Create a cozy and inviting setup with comfortable seating options like daybeds, Adirondack chairs, sectionals, and sofas. Add throw pillows for extra comfort, making it perfect for the whole family to snuggle up and enjoy the movie.


Set up a projector and screen or mount a TV on the Mainstay Bar Credenza. Choose family-friendly movies that everyone will love. Prepare popcorn and a variety of snacks, such as candy, chips, and fruit, to satisfy all tastes. Enhance the ambiance with fairy lights and blankets for a magical movie experience.


6. Arrange a Relaxing Summer Picnic in a Backyard


Women laying out on Laze Pillows on the lawn


Enjoy the warmth of summer by arranging a relaxing picnic right in your backyard. Start by choosing a cozy spot with plenty of shade from trees or a large umbrella to keep cool. Lay out a large, comfortable blanket and consider laying out some Laze Pillows for extra comfort.


Set up a low table or use a picnic basket to hold your spread of delicious treats. Include a variety of easy-to-eat foods like sandwiches, fresh fruit, cheese, and crackers. Don’t forget refreshing drinks like lemonade or iced tea to keep everyone hydrated.


7. Create a Mini Spa Retreat for Ultimate Relaxation


Clinking glasses on the pool ledge on Autograph Chairs with side table


Transform your backyard into a serene mini spa retreat with an in-pool furniture bundle. With comfortable loungers on your pool ledge, you’ll have a very serene spot to relax.


Enhance the experience with soothing music, a good book, and a refreshing drink on the side table. Consider incorporating gentle outdoor yoga or poolside meditation sessions to deepen your relaxation. With this setup, you can escape the stress of daily life and enjoy a luxurious spa day at home.


8. Set Up a Cozy Campfire Night with Stories and S'mores


Adriondacks on the lawn at night


Gather around a crackling campfire this summer and create memories that will last a lifetime. Summer evenings are warm and ideal for gathering around a fire, making it a great way to celebrate the peak camping season with friends and family. As the sun sets, start arranging Adirondack Chairs and benches around a firepit to create a comfortable and inviting space for everyone.


Gather your family and friends for a night of storytelling and laughter. As the fire crackles, share your favorite stories or reminisce about past adventures while roasting marshmallows and making delicious s'mores with chocolate and graham crackers. This simple and enjoyable activity is a perfect way to make the most of your summer nights.


9. Organize a Fun and Interactive Family Game Day for All Ages


Playing giant checkers on the patio


Create a day full of fun and laughter by organizing family games in your backyard. Set up various games that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age. Start with classics like ping pong and cornhole, which are always crowd-pleasers. Head to the pool for some basketball competition or to let the younger kids slide.


Include lawn games like dominoes, checkers & tic tac toe, and four in a row to engage everyone in some friendly competition. Set up a ring toss and washers game for simple yet entertaining activities.


10. Host a Summer Brunch with Fresh and Seasonal Delights


Outdoor sectional on the lawn


Enjoy the sunshine by hosting a summer brunch with fresh, seasonal delights in your backyard. Set up a comfortable dining area with a table and chairs, adding some shade with an umbrella if needed. Start your menu with fresh fruits like berries, melons, and citrus slices.


Prepare light and tasty dishes such as avocado toast, vegetable quiche, and refreshing salads. Offer a selection of beverages like iced tea, lemonade, and fruit-infused water to keep everyone cool and hydrated. Decorate the table with bright flowers and colorful tableware to enhance the summer vibe.


Wrap Up Your Summer with Fun and Relaxation


You really can make this summer unforgettable with these fun and relaxing activities. Hosting a BBQ, setting up a movie night, or enjoying a cozy bonfire—these ideas will help you create lasting memories with family and friends.


Embrace the season and make the most of your time together with Ledge, your ultimate partner in outdoor relaxation and fun. Looking for more ways to celebrate summer?


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