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Planning an Outdoor Adventure That You'll Never Want to Forget

When the weather is right, staying cooped up inside can feel almost impossible. The sun is shining and adventure is waiting for you on the other side of the door. It’s time to start planning an outdoor adventure.


While it may be tempting to just grab a bag and rush out into the world, a bit of preparation can go a long way. So, how do you plan an outdoor adventure? Follow along with this step-by-step guide.


1. Put Your Adventure Plans On the Calendar


Calendar opened to plan out your next adventure


Life gets busy. If you don’t prioritize the activities that you want to fill your days, you’ll never end up living those adventures.


If you really want to experience all the outdoors has to offer, you’re going to have to find the time. You may have to rearrange your schedule or renegotiate your commitments. Do whatever it takes to get your adventure on the calendar.


Whether you’re looking at taking off a whole month or only have a weekend available, there are ways to make the most of your time. Just make sure not to let anything else get in the way of your time outside. After all, adventure awaits - but where will it take you?


2. Decide on a Destination


Outdoor space with a pool with furniture


With so many destinations to choose from, deciding where to go first can be overwhelming.


If you're short on time or want to keep things simple, consider exploring the outdoor wonders in your own backyard. Adventures don't have to be far away, and there are likely plenty of unexplored trails and scenic spots just a short drive from your home.


If you're feeling more adventurous, you might consider traveling to a new state or even another country. Whether you journey to a jungle, climb a mountain, or escape to a secluded island, the possibilities are endless.


Once you've decided on a general location, it's essential to narrow down your destination further. Look for unique features such as cool canyons or caves, interesting hiking trails, or serene lakes and rivers where you can spend an afternoon. The most breathtaking and awe-inspiring outdoor spots are where you'll find the greatest adventures.


3. Figure Out How You’ll Get There


Van on the road for a scenic roadtrip outdoor adventure


You've found the perfect place for your outdoor adventure, whether it's hiking through a forest, rappelling down a cliff, or paddling a canoe on a lake. The next question is, how will you get there?


Transportation is a crucial element in planning any outdoor adventure. If you're leaving the city, you may need to book a flight or plan a road trip. Keep in mind that adventure often means leaving the beaten path behind, so be sure to pack your walking shoes.


4. Pack It Up And Head Out on an Adventure


Man carrying rolled-up Laze Hammock for his outdoor adventure


Every outdoor adventure requires its own unique packing list. You’ll need to consider the environment and its weather conditions, as well as the activities you’ll be enjoying.


You also need to strive for a balance in the amount that you pack. You don’t want to be empty-handed and unprepared, but you also don’t want to carry a heavy, overloaded set of luggage. Prioritize the essentials, such as clothes, sturdy footwear, and your necessary equipment, and don’t overdo it. When packing for activities like hiking, camping, or rock climbing, it’s important to pack lightweight and durable gear that won’t weigh you down.


At the same time, you shouldn’t have to limit yourself too much. Bring a book, your favorite sunglasses, and maybe even a float for those more relaxing moments. The Laze Hammock, Laze Noodle, and Laze Doodle are perfect for any outdoor water adventure. These floats are smaller and lighter than our popular Laze Pillow, making them excellent choices for portable accessories that you can take on every adventure. Grab and go to the lake, river, or beach for a break after a long day of exploring.


Enjoy Your Outdoor Adventure!


Family playing in the pool with Hoopstr in-pool basketball hoop by Ledge


Now, it’s finally time to hit the road and explore all that nature has to offer. Don’t worry too much about everything going according to plan. Venture off the trail - that’s the whole point of an adventure!


Just be sure to stay safe and be mindful of your surroundings.


  • Pay attention to weather forecasts. Even beautiful, sunny days may need some preparation - wear your sunscreen and pack plenty of water.
  • Respect local wildlife. From bugs to bears and everything in between, you may not be alone on your adventure. Do your research and remember that you’re entering their territory. 
  • Be responsible around water. Follow water safety guidelines like putting on a life vest before boarding boats.


With these things in mind, you can go and make the most of your time outside. Take time to savor each moment and enjoy it. Don’t rush through your outdoor adventure - take it all in and make memories that will last a lifetime.


Rest, Recover, and Then Start Planning More Outdoor Memories


Woman enjoying the pool with a Laze Doodle by Ledge


After all your fun adventuring, take a lazy day or two. Use it to reflect on the memories you’ve made. What did you enjoy the most? What do you wish you had a chance to do? What will you be sure to include on your next adventure?


Don’t leave with the regret of leaving your float at home. Choose a fave laze and add it to every adventure’s packing list.


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