Couples Gift Ideas for the Outdoors: 6 Ways You Can Surprise Your Sweetheart This Holiday Season
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Couples Gift Ideas for the Outdoors: 6 Ways You Can Surprise Your Sweetheart This Holiday Season

From dates at the ice skating rink to Christmas rom-coms, there is a lot of romance during the holiday season. Even with love in the air though, you may struggle to come up with something good enough to gift your sweetheart. Don’t let couples holiday shopping stress you out. Those memories of time spent cuddling or baking cookies together will stick with you more than any present you open up. The best couples gift ideas will help you grow your relationship even further.

One way you can spend more time together is by creating a romantic outdoor experience that you both can love. Keep reading for some gift ideas for couples to do outside together.

1. Share Some Warmth

The weather truly may be frightful, but that’s not going to stop you from spending some time outside together. Whether going ice skating or just taking a walk during the winter, cold weather doesn’t have to keep you apart. There’s not even a need to choose between holding hands and using mittens to keep warm. Just put on your couples handholding mittens.

2. Plan a Picnic Date

Almost any date idea can double as a Christmas gift. Use a picnic date as a gift by putting some goodies inside the best basket you can find and adding on some wrapping paper. Crate and Barrel’s Outfitted Wooden Picnic Basket is an excellent choice. It’s sturdy and stylish. It also comes with every essential in its own secure spot, including ceramic plates, wine glasses, and a wooden cutting board that could double as a charcuterie board.
All you’ll have to add is the food and the romantic atmosphere. With the scene carefully set, your own backyard can make for a beautiful place to picnic. Lay out a couple of Laze Pillows, bring your basket of goodies, and add the finishing touch with a small bouquet of fresh flowers.

3. Book a Romantic Getaway

Enjoying staying home for the holidays this year? When you’re snuggled up with your sweetheart, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be. When the magic of the holiday season fades, however, you can easily get pulled right back into the hustle of everyday life.

Bring the connection back to life by going on a trip that’s just for the two of you. Make a romantic getaway to a beautiful beachside resort your couples gift. You’ll love having more quality time together, and the views shouldn’t be too bad either.

4. Make for a Perfect Poolside Pair

Your poolside memories don’t have to be limited to the hotel’s pool. You can bring the romance of the resort back home with some in-pool seating as your couples gift. Set up a couple of Signature Chaises on the pool ledge and have a date in your own backyard.
Wherever you choose to swim, you can look good while doing so by wearing matching swimsuits, such as those found at Kenny Flowers.

5. Keep in Touch, Even While Far Apart

In everyday life, it is often necessary to spend some time apart. Even from distant shores though, you’ll always be connected while wearing your long distance touch bracelets. If the set is in your Christmas stockings this year, you’ll have a new way to connect with each other. Send a little tap to remind them that they’re on your mind while you’re at work or even while you’re in the pool (they’re waterproof).

6. Cuddle and Connect

The best couples gift ideas will allow you to speak your partner’s love language. Whether their love language is receiving gifts, physical touch, or quality time, this date idea may be the winner. Gift them the Connect Card Game from Anthropologie and spend some time using it together while cuddling on a Legacy Loveseat. Spending this time together sitting closely and talking through the various prompts can help you grow even more connected in your relationship. 

Keep the Romance Alive Through This Holiday Season and Beyond

Narrowing down all the couples gift ideas may not be easy, but you’re sure to find something you love. When you open up that perfect present, you’re opening up all the possibilities for memories made with the one you love. Whether at a picnic, by the pool, or at a vacation resort far from home, there are so many moments that can stick with you forever.

Make those memorable moments happen in your own backyard by living the #LEDGELIFE. Use our high-quality pool and outdoor furniture to create an outdoor space that you and your sweetheart love.

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