How To Enhance Your Outdoor Space With Solar
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How To Enhance Your Outdoor Space With Solar

Home renovations have been growing in popularity for the last few years, and outdoor living spaces, in particular, are seeing a boost in value. 78% of Americans have reported making outside upgrades in 2020. This includes everything from new furnishings to major renovations, anything to maximize all that the outdoors can provide. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at one renovation option: using solar in your outdoor space.

How can you use solar in the backyard? Here’s a quick look at your options.

Why Focus on the Patio for Solar Enhancements?

A good patio renovation makes your outdoor space more useful. At the same time, a nice patio can be an appealing factor to homebuyers, boosting the home’s resale value. 
The value acquired from a backyard renovation is, however, much more than any financial reward. The patio isn’t just an area of recreation for ourselves and our families, but also a sanctuary for restoring our bodies and minds.
Memories of campfire s’mores and summer swimming with the children are priceless. These moments are also more obtainable within our own backyards. Planning out a camping trip or beach vacation can take a lot of work and a lot of time. You either have to create the itinerary and make reservations or load up on camping supplies and handle the long drive. In some cases, a little effort can be worth the reward. However, all those hours spent on prep work could be better invested in enjoying the moments themselves. If your private outdoor space is ready for your favorite activities, it can become your family’s new favorite vacation spot.
Many are choosing to upgrade their patios to get greater enjoyment of these experiences within their own backyard. By adding solar to your outdoor space, you can simplify the process of creating unforgettable memories with your family.
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Why is Solar a Great Addition to Your Patio?

Many homeowners, likely even those in your own neighborhood, are already making the shift to solar. The reasons for adding solar to the patio may be aesthetic, environmental, or even financial. In the end though, this decision to switch to solar is a smart investment that you’ll find pays off immediately and for years to come, especially for pool owners.
Instead of having to deal with the energy bill every time it shows up in your mailbox, setting up solar on the patio is a one-time task to tackle. The installation of solar brings you a free, reliable source of energy with no energy firm markups. Once you add solar into your outdoor space, you’ll be able to simply sit back and enjoy the time on your patio.

How Can You Use Solar in the Backyard?

There are different ways of incorporating solar in your outdoor space. Here are a few tips that beginners may want to start out with.

1. Replace Lighting with Solar Lights

Solar Landscape Lights

Our patios aren’t just ideal locations for spending time outside during the day. You can spend your evening outside and grill up some dinner or simply sit out and enjoy the fresh air. To get the most out of late-night patio time though, you’ll benefit from outdoor lighting.
Solar lights are a great option for lighting up the outdoors, as they maintain function and appearance, while completely altering the energy source. They’re easy to install, not even requiring you to locate an outdoor outlet for electricity. Instead, you simply place them out in the yard and let the sun provide the light even after it has set.

2. Switch From Gas Heaters to Solar

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Patio heaters extend the usable seasons for your outdoor space, meaning you get more time to spend with your loved ones. Instead of staying stuck indoors through the colder months, patio heaters allow your family to stay warm while dining al-fresco or otherwise enjoying some quality time outside. 

Your first thought when trying to extend your time outdoors into the colder season may be to outfit the deck with gas heaters. However, solar air heaters can save you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent replacing gas tanks. Solar air heaters use thermal energy captured during the day from the sun and store and release the heat when needed. They make for an easy option for heating the patio. 

3. Install Solar Panels on the Patio Roof

Solar Panels on Roof

Many home roofs are actually unsuitable or inaccessible for the installation of solar panels. Fortunately, a patio roof is a perfect alternative that allows ample access to sunlight.

Before you commit to solar panels on top of your patio, make sure to check into factors like the shade, elevation, roof orientation, and the system’s strength. When done successfully, solar panels can efficiently power your property without affecting the aesthetics of your home.

The potential for using solar in your outdoor space can be as limitless as the joy your family gains from a well-designed patio. Here’s to more memories, and a brighter future.


Regina Jaina is a freelance writer with a passion for real estate. Through her research and writing, she hopes to help homeowners find their dream homes. In her free time, she is an avid tennis player.

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