Five Fun Winter Outdoor Activities to Help You Make Memories When It's Cold Out
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Five Fun Winter Outdoor Activities to Help You Make Memories When It's Cold Out

There’s no need to wait for warm weather. Take part in some winter outdoor activities and create lasting memories as a family.


Sure, you could spend the entire winter hiding from the cold weather. You could curl up on the couch and just wait for the day when you can get back to splashing in the pool and soaking up the sun. Or you could keep on making memories right now. Start with this list of five fun winter outdoor activities and make this season memorable.


1. Appreciate Your Yard’s Transformation Into a Winter Wonderland

Backyard loveseat and chair covered in snow


The decision to hide inside, hibernating, or to enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer during winter really comes down to how you look at it.



There are a lot of drastic changes that occur in winter. You can see these as a long task list: winterize and protect the patio furniture, shovel the snow, get the garden cleaned up. But with a closer look at the ways winter transforms your backyard, you may just notice its beauty.



One way to get a more appreciative eye at the seasonal changes is through a camera’s lens. You don’t have to delve too deep into a new photography hobby to enjoy this winter activity. Many smartphones have what it takes to turn out incredible photos of your winter wonderland.



Snap some shots of things like frosty leaves and berries, snowflake close-ups, and puddles that have turned to ice. Through photography, you’ll be able to gain some fresh perspective on the winter season.



2. Put Together an Outdoor Winter Dinner Party


Family clinking glasses over dinner table in a backyard


The wonder of winter shouldn’t be enjoyed all alone. Consider bringing a meal outdoors and eating with family and friends around the patio dining table.



Worried about the cold temperatures getting in the way of a good dining experience? Just set up some patio heaters, bring out blankets for everyone, and serve something warm for dinner. You can even compliment the meal with a warm beverage like hot chocolate or mulled wine


With this cozy outdoor atmosphere for your dinner, you won’t be missing the indoors. You might even continue chatting the evening hours away long after the table has been cleared.



3. Play in the Snow If You’ve Got Some


Two children and a dog playing in the snow


Sometimes, the winter weather brings its own fun into the backyard. Snow makes it easy to create winter memories.



There are so many possibilities when it comes to playing in the snow. You can compete in a snowball fight or work together to build the best snowman ever.



And the snow day doesn’t have to just be for the kids. You’re never too old to enjoy playing in the snow, which makes this a great option for family fun outdoors in the winter.



4. Get Your Blood Pumping with a Game Day


White cornhole with red bean bags on snow, with striped chairs in background


You might have sunny skies instead of snow, but that doesn’t mean you’re not shivering every second you’re outside. Luckily, lawn games can help you bring fun to a frigid winter. So, why not plan a winter game day?


Get out and get the blood pumping with a competitive game of cornhole or by playing some ping pong. After a few rounds, you won’t even notice that chill in the air anymore.


5. Enjoy a Chill Evening Spent Relaxing


Couple sitting on cushions and drinking wine in front of outdoor fireplace


When you’re worn out from all this winter fun, feel free to take a break. There are plenty of more relaxing activities that you can enjoy, even when it’s cold outside.


You can choose to cuddle up with someone on the couch while watching a movie or laze around outside, gazing at the stars, on a Laze Pillow. You might even take a dip in the hot tub, as long as you’re ready to feel the chill when getting out.


Enjoy Your Outdoor Space in Every Season


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your backyard during winter. So, don’t sit around waiting for summer to come around. With these winter outdoor activities, you can make your winter just as wonderful as any other season spent outdoors.


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